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When can you hook up with your friends ex?


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So this is a question i would assume most can relate to. Just meeting someone because they are with a close friend, but if it doesn't work out when or should you make some type of move..

sub-question, If your friends ex comes on to you should you respond?

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damn i can't say i haven't been on BOTH sides of this situation before, i hooked up with my ex's friend a few years after i disowned one of my own friends for hooking up with a different ex. sometimes i wish i hadn't gotten so mad at my friend when she did it to me tho, because oddly enough now that i think about it, they had much more in common than he and i did!

the main thing to consider tho is that you run the risk of losing a friend. is it worth it?

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It depends on some things... How close I am with the friend (I have a lot of friends, but a couple kids I always chill wit). How long they were dating if it was a close friend. If it is worth the drama and bullshit.

My girl used to date a kid for like 3 years before I met her. I knew her as "his girl" cause she went to h.s. wit me but we rarely talked cept for hi and bye type friendship. Her ex played soccer with me and he chilled with some of my friends including myself, but we never chilled on the regular nor called one another. Then my Sophmore year in college she started hangin out with my circle of friends. We became good friends and always talked cause we both had nextels as well as talk on AOL. After a while her and her ex were growing apart and she told me she wanted to break up with him, but I never dicked him and said she should. I always told her to make sure it was the right thing to do and he's a good kid blah blah. She then told my best friend what she wanted to hook up wit me and if I would. Originally I said no, but then I couldnt resist cause we were good friends and she was hot. I walked up to her ex and told him that I wanted to hook up wit her, but out of respect I wanted to tell him forst so he didnt think I was doing it behind his back. He flipped out on her and talked mad shit about me (which is understandable). A lot of firends didnt agree and a lot did. For a while it was hard cause we didnt wanna go out a lot due to the fact of kinda making it harder for him to deal or rubbin it in his face. Now my girl and I have been together for 2 years so its been worth all the bullshit I had to go through and headaches.

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It depends on some things....

Agreed...things like what kind of relationship it was...casual? was there sex involved? how long? etc...

...Now my girl and I have been together for 2 years so its been worth all the bullshit I had to go through and headaches.

:werd: I dated my cousins ex years after their breakup. They dated casually...no sex..and no big feelings involved (at the time they were both playas...lol) We winded up getting married...11 years later we're still together...guess that we were the better match. :makeout:

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wow !! im really starting to see peoples values on this board !! GODDAMN !!

totaly, i'm impressed.... I will say I did good, she was out last night and came and sat next to me for a while but i was able to just keep it casual conversation and walk away. she is still a friend but i'm definantly keeping the distance.

I dig the responses ya'll, thanks

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