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(¯`·._.·-= my first serious question for the ladies! =·._.·´¯)


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alrite so i recently met this 30 yr. old chic who told me that even tho she had lost her virginity at the age of 21 it wasn't until she was 28 that she experienced her first intercourse-induced orgasm! :woah:

i also remember my biology teacher who was a woman saying that many women dont even have orgasms the first time they have sex...which brings me to the point of this thread:

if you're a lady...did you have an orgasm the first time you had sex? if not, how long was it after losing your virginity that you experienced your first intercourse-induced orgasm?

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Guest gabo
No, and it was years. I still very rarely have them.

Although just recently.......;)

Spragga u da man nigga!! Only if everyone knew what went on in my back seat! hehe
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Are you kidding? I was such a horny teenager that I think I even used to come from dry-humping w/ my first bf.

I use to hate it when I would dry hump for like an hour and than for the next 3 days I would have cuts all over the tip of my dick from my pants...same thing has happened to me in a strip club.

Guys, don't even front like this hasn't happened to each and everyone of you...and the worse is after the strip club incident, I had to keep making up excuses to my girl why I didn't want to have sex so that she wouldn't see the soars.

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