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MUZiK 101 pres. Serge Devant on VIP Radio 8.12.04


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Serge was born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia at a time when his country had the eyes of the world upon it. With parents deeply routed in the art community his future was being molded without him knowing. Serge is a musical impresario, classically trained in violin for 2 years and piano for 8 years at the Music School of St Petersburg. Dedication to his craft and holding himself to a higher standard has been the force behind his quality productions in Electronic and Dance music.

Coming to United States at the age of 16, Serge found himself interested in clubs and the local scene immediately. At the age of 18 he purchased his first pair of turntables; and so it began. Serge took to Djing like a lit match to gasoline.. A few years later at the age of 21, Serge started to find spinning other peoples records a little boring. So he began the next stage in his career, learning how to work with studio gear and producing. After some time Serge progressed and his productions started to get recognition. It wasn't the simple four on the floor beats that are so common from young producers. With a more instrumentally complex and complete sound Serge's style has been recognized by many accomplished and world renowned DJ/Producers. Including John Creamer, Stephane K , Paul Van Dyk, and Saeed & Palash to name a few. Serge's music has continually been featured in PVD's Fritz radio sets; an honor for any producer.

Now residing in the US most of Serge's time is spent in the studio . His debut on the world clubbing scene came with the signing of his song “Hypnotized†featuring Sapir to Ministry of Sound US. Since then Serge has also produced the track “Transparent†with Trance Diva Jan Johnston; which will be featured on her upcoming album "EMERGE" . Serge's latest production "SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS" will be released on MAGNETIK MUSIC in 2004. With featured remixes by Electronic music wizards such as Hybrid , Evolved, Victor Calderon and Remixers of Year John Creamer and Stephane K (REMIX MAGAZINE 2002).

Some of Serge's Releases/Tracks to date

Serge D. & Garnett Feat. Sapir " Hypnotized" Hypnotized records

Serge Devant & Garnett "Gift of life" Hypnotized records

Serge Devant & Garnett Feat. J.Paul-"Searching for Answers"-Magnetik records remixes by Hybrid and Evolved

Serge Devant featuring Jan Johnston " Transparent" -Armada/Spoundpeircing

Serge Devant featuring Joe Murena "Always have tomorrow" (Being played regularly by Paul Oakenfold on his Global Grooves Radio Show for the last 2 months)

Serge Devant " 1000 miles"

Serge Devant Featuring May " When you Came along"

Serge Devant Featuring May " Fall upon me "

This is one of VIP's finest mixshows to date from an amazing upcoming dj/producer who's name will surely be house-hold in time. With a new release coming out on Armin Van Buuren's Soundpiercing/Armada label, and another on John Creamer's Magnetik Music with remixes from Evolved and Hybrid, you surely dont want to miss out on this one

To see what Serge is really about, come down to Avalon NYC this friday 8.13 as he throws down an opening set for John 00 Flemming. . Ask for Serge Devant's list at the door for reduced admission.

It all goes down thursday at 2pm eastern time. Re-broadcast is saturday night, from 9 to 11pm.


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