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***Official*** Saeed at Pulse at Andalu Roll Call


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did you tell shady your feelings about deep dish? :box:

eh it's less about deep dish and more about the office manager they hired. what a fuckhead. funny thing is, everyone who was working for the label has pretty much quit, except poor dan simpson.

the other funny thing is, went to bistro du coin last thurs for dinner, had to wait at the bar for like 20 min. didn't notice til we left for our table that we had been sitting next to ali the whole time... shoulda hit him up for my monies! ;)

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I'll be hitting this if I have any energy left after Friday.... does he still do a bi-weekly at Red on Thursdays? or is that ancient history...

come on Saturday and you can ask him. :hat:

i truly have no idea. i havent been to red in years.

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ok so who is going?

where do we meet up? 1am hallway to the bathrooms?

you weren't even there! :tongue:

rockyblue, scratch & i went. ran into nautilus, lena & raver_mania. it wasn't as packed as i thought it would be but it was still pretty crowded. When we first got there I had to ask who was spinning because it did NOT sound like Saeed. Very weird track but anyhow, he spun a lot of older tracks and had some very tribal (lots of drums!) moments. Very solid set. Good times! :party:

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