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smothering in bed


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all depends... if its a really hot and humid night, only a small amount of physical contact is comfortable... part of why i like the cold weather up here in Canada (that, and when you're cold you can always put more clothes on, but if you're too hot, you can only remove so much before you get arrested)

wether it's hot/cold, dry/humid, if we just finished fucking (or making love, whatever's your poison) then definitely stay close... makes it easier to keep touching her :P

of course, i can count on my fingers the number of times i've shared a bed with a gf and not had sex... so i guess i pretty much always like to stay close to my sig other at night :P

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i usually keep my distance but when i wake up in the middle of the night or the morning, the first thing i do is cuddle up to him while hes sleeping. he does the same to me. :makeout:

ditto... night always starts out cuddling.. then break away during the night somehow... then wake up and snuggle right back up :)

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i can't stand to have anyone touching me when i fall asleep, i am seriously clausterphobic. i used to let my ex spoon for a minute but then i'd push his ass on over to his side!

lately i go to sleep alone at night, but then somehow i wake up in the morning lying next to a dog! :confused:;)

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lol I'm horribly claustrophobic, I went home from the bar with a girl once, and after she got worn out (said she was only used to sleeping with minute-men, so after the first half hour she was tired, and after an hour and a half she couldnt move anymore) she fell asleep, and i wound up between her and the wall, I felt so closed in that I had to get up and go sleep on the couch.

It's not so bad if its a girl I been dating a while, the level of trust helps.

It was funny whenever Yuki came to visit while i was dating her (she lives in Japan so it was like, 1 month out of every 6 we'd be together) I almost always slept on the couch even after a long fuck session, cuz she snores like a lumber camp full of chainsaws...

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