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People who think/act like their HARD


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Are real fuckin suckers!

today these 2 euro looking dorks are walking with tough looks. I give them the biggest smile ever, and they look at me all confused :laugh2:

This lil black girl (im not racist, just setting the scene) bumps into me PURPOSELY the other night. She says "you better watch where you're going, boy" and I just say "riiiiiiiight". Her friend goes "oh snap! he just said "riiight" while she's screaming at me saying to come back and fight :laugh:

guys who don't move out of the way when there's OBVIOUSLY room for them to go, and then you bump into them and THEY get mad at you :woah:

This is somewhat venting, but also just laughing at the stupidity of these people. Why must they behave so caveman/woman like and act so brutish?


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if you woulda just grabbed that girls cooch it would have broken the ice and there wouldnt have been any yelling

naww man. She was like 12 or 13

you know kids nowaday. Grow up so soon. Say the darndest things :blank:

it's sad to hear pre-teens cursing more than me :(

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closeline the h0 next time

i seriously could have picked her up and thrown her. but the way i look at it, why waste my energy with these goons.

Whether it be an annoying girl, or a tough asshole who spits when he talks, i'd rather fight for a good reason than mess with idiots :half:

Anyway, i get a kick out of seeing guys who think they're tough. Just watching them and their insecurity cracks me up :aright:

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