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Dont you HATE IT when you're at a club and your jewelry or stuff flies off and you find it and put it back on, and then it flies off again and you know some bast@rd saw it fly off the first time and waited for it to fall again :( !!!

Well, whoever has my kick ass silver bracelet i just bought yesterday, and my friends' shirt she won @ the club, enjoy them you f@kers. You aint gonna look as hot as we looked in em, trust me! :D

Sooooooo uncool.

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lol that sucks...

No wat sux is having ur nyc pad burglarized and having them steal ur Kartiers thinking theyre real and theyre not lol ... and trying to buy a replacement one and finding out no places (except TJ Mexico) still sells em ....

... at least at THAT time LOL ! :hat:

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