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Prince @ Fleet Center Last Night


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He is still The Man.

Despite a bit of a late start, around 8:45, Prince took the stage with full force and proceeded to reestablish himself as one of the top players in the industry. With a minimal stage setup in the center of the arena, his dramatic entry was overshadowed by the power of his music, both old and new, as he rocked his signature Minneapolis funk sound. Leading it off with classics like "When Doves Cry" got the crowd going, while he was able to dip into some of the material off his new CD, Musicology. Joining Prince on this tour was long time friend, and jazz legend Maceo Parker. "Pass The Peas" was dropped and people were starting to let the funk fly. Other highlights included a rippin cover of Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love", & "Soul Man".

As a performer, he kept reiterating to the audiece he wasn't a big fan of lip-synching (an obvious reference to Britney's recent blunders, and would get the crowd more involved, and actually singing, jabbing us when he couldnt hear us, telling us to "stop the lip-synching."

John Blackwell, the drummer, almost stole the show, his drumming was, well, simply put, god-like. And with Candy Duffer on the sax, she's up there with Branford Marsalis.

Next up he broke into an acoustic set that would have made MTV Unplugged produceers weep for rights. Starting off with "Little Red Corvette" int "Cream" then "Rasberry Beret", you only begin to recall the depth of this mans musical arsenal. "I feel for U" (another Prince inked track that was put out by Chaka Khan) was up, then onto "Alphabet Street" and "7".

All in all, in the short 2.5 hour show that spanned decades of musical work, Prince still has game, and still know how to rock a crowd and leave em begging for more.

He's here 3 more nights, don't miss him.

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