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depending on how serious you are about Djing is what usually dictates how much u spend on your stuff...

if your gunna get decks dude.......just buy technics.....dont even bother with anything else......not worth it....

technics are fucking tanks, they are the most accurate tables on the market, and the longest lasting. ive put my tables thru HELLLLLLLLLLL and they still going.

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Numark decks are good. I assume you mean the TTX's. They run like $350/$400 new. In good shape with cartridges I'd think you could get about $250/$300 each.

I played on a Roland mixer once, it was crap. I have no idea what the fair value for one of those would be. Check some DJ stores. There are a lot online.



ahhh i see he is selling them.....

bout 250 in good condition is the going price i would assume.

never played on a roland mixer before........never heard of it to be honest

ive played on numark's, A&H, Pioneer, vestax's and Rane's

i personaly have a Rane MP-2016 coupled w/ the XP-2016 external processor

i lUFFFFFFFFFF it. best investment i ever made :D

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