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friday, september 17th, 2004

x'ess entertainment and zentra nightclub present:

Sweet & Lowdown



We would like to thank all of you for making the SUMMER OF X'ESS 2004, a huge success! Come join us as we have our last event of SUMMER 2004! But remember, just because summer is ending, doesn't mean we stop dancin'!!!! Look out for major announcements and amazing events for FALL/WINTER 2004


Jacob London

Bob Hansen and Dave Pezzner were brought together by the unmistakable forces of The Universe in a period of time many of the World’s civilizations have agreed should be referred to as “1992â€. The U.S. economy was looking up, and naturally Bob and Dave began to create relatively awful industrial compositions that they were not allowed to perform in their high-school’s student talent competition. Taking the rejection in stride, they continued on until exposure to rave mega-anthems such as L.A. Style’s “James Brown is Dead†and Church of Extacy’s “Ooowee I Am Ready†caught their interest and inspired them to begin creating lo-fi rave mega-anthems of their own that were slightly (and increasingly) less awful than what they had been doing up until that point.

For years they immersed themselves in refining their sound and performing live PA’s under a name that you don’t really need, or want, to know about. By the time important people were busy convincing the World’s population that it was “1998â€, Bob and Dave had taken the opportunity to release their first record (“Hydrogenated Funkâ€) on Carlos DaSilva’s upstart eatHouse label, along with forging a new identity for themselves as Jacob London. This record garnered them a moderate amount of attention from DJ Sneak and others, which they proceeded to not capitalize on for another 3 years or so.

In “2001†(for lack of a better term), the duo entered into a short-lived and well-respected business relationship with Jon Lemmon’s Viva Recordings and were foolishly given free reign over their own record label, which they dubbed squid:records. They released three Jacob London EP’s over the following two years and pulled in two of their long-time house music heroes, Carl Finlow (aka Random Factor) and Tony Senghore, for remix duties. The squid releases were well-received and the unique sense of humor and personality that Bob and Dave saturated each of their productions with caught on and led to releases on Free the Funk, Stay True, Doubledown, U-Freqs, and Derrick Carter & Luke Solomon’s enormously popular Classic label.

Recently, Jacob London have been neglecting important areas of their personal lives (hygiene not included) with a steady flow of remix offers and international gigging, including Toronto, Japan, the UK, Vancouver BC, and Cleveland.

Johnny Fiasco

Unlike most of his colleagues, Johnny Fiasco's musical background lies in rock & roll. Before turning his energies to house productions and DJing, Chicago native Johnny Fiasco (whose real last name was Lopez) started his musical escapade playing the guitar. Where most house producers draw their influence from disco and funk greats, Fiasco turns to the Police, Talking Heads, Rush, and Herbie Hancock. Fiasco's first production was for Trax Records on the track called "Zig Zag." His sophomore EP was the "Progretto Fiasco" release, which unleashed him into the big time production circles. In time, Fiasco made his way to the acclaimed Chicago house label, Cajual Records, started by the legendary Cajmere. The reputation of Cajual, and his work for the label, launched Fiasco into a catalog of singles and recordings for other labels. In April of 2000, Fiasco released his first full length mix CD, Cluster, on Afterhours. Unfortunately, the man who asked Fiasco to do the album, Andy Adams (head of Afterhours), died shortly after the request, and the album was quickly turned into a tribute album to the label runner.

Andrew Emil

In the Chance VIP Room:



Sativa & Jay-funk

s&ld resident dj

Jon Huang

x’ess resident dj

X'ESS Hosted VIP Cocktail Reception from 9 - 10pm!

Drink Specials:

$4 Shots

$6 All Bacardi Flavored Mix Drinks


Guest list rules:

Free before 10

$5 10 -11

$10 11 - midnight

$15 afterwards

GuestList Available at:


Zentra Nightclub

923 Weed St.

Chicago, IL

21+ ID Required

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