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Rides on TLC - Raging Bull


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OMFG!!!! If only I had $300,000 to blow on one of the hottest cars on the planet!!!

Me and Sugar were watching this last night and I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen. They took you step by step through the whole process of making the first ever Lamborghini Mercialago Roadster. I couldn't believe the detail that these cars get. It's rediculous the care that these people put into making these cars. EVERY single piece is HAND MADE!!!

The bumper is $18,000!!!! I've never seen so much carbon-fiber in my life. I have been obsessed with Lambos my whole life and this just made me have even more respect for these beautiful beasts.

A little Lambo History that I never knew:

Ferduccio Lamborghini was in the military and fixed military vehicles in WWII. After the war, he stole some of these vehicles and made them into tractors and started selling them. At the time, he owned a Ferrari and was having a problem with the clutch. He saw Enzo Ferrari and told him about his clutch problem. Enzo replied, "You are a tractor mechanic, I build sports cars. If you think you can build a better car then do it." So he did.

I never knew that before. That's fuckin' great.

I'll take a Lambo over a Ferrari any day. (except maybe the Enzo)

The show is going to be on again this Sunday at 3 PM on TLC.


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