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can women with fake boobs breast-feed?


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that was one of my concerns when i had my boobs done. my doctor told me that i would be able to breast feed as normal without passing on any toxins. she did say that there have been few cases where women got the implants through periaerola incision have subsequently had difficulties nursing. also when you get the incision around the aerola you risk the chance of damaging nerve endings. i decided that i also wanted to keep my sensitive nipps so i opted to get my incision under the arm. the healing time was longer but it was worth it for me.

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yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! these girls did a winderful job of filling in the facts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
i'm still confused, flip :confused: . purrfect seems to be saying that you can't, while the other girls are saying that they think it's possible, but they haven't done it themselves.

does anyone know any women who have successfully done it themselves? i don't want children or implants, but i really want to know the answer to this question, once and for all!

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Yess you can but it depends on the procedure.....

and how good your implants and doctor are.

I do know someone who has done it.... and I also knew someone who made thier baby and themselves sick trying to brestfead, depends on the person and the quality of the procedre

hope this helps

DOC~B "Serving ALL your Psycho-sexual needs since 1971" :hat:

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