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Opioid Potentiation


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Hang with me for a second, there's a question in here.

There are several opioids which are primarily metabolized by the P450 group of enzymes. It is known that Tagamet is a general P450 inhibitor and therefore could be used to increase or potentiate the effects of those opioids. The one in particular I know of which has a primary metabolic path through these enzymes is hydrocodone (Vicodin). I did some research on the amount of inhibition of Tagamet on these enzymes and arrived at the following "recipe" if you will.

800mg of Tagamet taken about 45 mins before dosing hydrocodone should inhibit the P450 enzymes by 50% resulting in an increase in hydrocodone in the bloodstream. How much more is subject to debate, I guess, but I'm going to SWAG that it's between 15%-35% (best case, take 3 vicodin, get the effects of 4).

My question is this: Has anyone here ever tried that combination in roughly those quantities and can report an increase in the effects? I plan on doing some experimentation with this in the future, but want to get a little feedback from anyone who has tried it before I do.

There seems to be conflicting information about this topic in the "literature".

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Believe it or not this exact topic was argued to death among some people I know. The subject of our argument was slightly different. We were discussing Grapefruit Juice as a P450 inhibitor and its effects on opiate metabolism.

Since tagament is a non selective P450 inhibitor it's effectiveness in inhibbiting the metabolism of drugs varies by the specific enzyme required to metabolize the drug. Opiates are metabolized by 2D6 and 3A4 as well. Hydrocodones produces the metabolite hydromorphone (dilauded, some potent ass shit) and oxycodone produces oxymorphone (nubain, some wicked potent shit). However hydro and oxy codone are active by themselves so even if O demeth is inhibited by a 2D6 inhibitor they will retain effect, though possibly lessened.* N demthylization occurs in these opiates with 3A6 and causes a route of norhydrocodone converted to norhydromorphone. These are not active. The theory is that by inhibiting the N demethylization with a 3A4 inhibitor , you consequently encourage more O methylization – resulting in more metabolites which are very strong and extending the duration of the drug’s effect. The thing is that the active metabolites, though many times more potent than the intial drug, are found in such small amounts they probably don’t do shit.

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OK, I tried this last night. 800mg Tagamet, wait 45 mins, then 20mg hydrocodone. While the at-rest euphoria was pretty much the same as without the tagamet, when I would get up and walk around it was noticeably more euphoric and slightly off balance than my previous experience with hydrocodone. I'm not saying it was a huge rush, but it was noticeable. So I guess whatever mechanism occurs, there is some potentiation there. In a couple of weeks I'll try it with maybe 1400mg tagamet and see if it potentiates even further or if I hit the upper limit this week.

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I have heard of the tagament potentiator, but has anyone heard of using dextromethorphan in the same way? I have read about it on multiple sites. Alot of people consume massive amounts to achieve a trip like buzz. Screw that. I have read that DXM slows down the metabolic rate of the hydro so it stays in your system longer thus lengthening the effects. Sounds like a winner to me! Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. thanks all,


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trippin on DXM is a crazy ass feeling, i did it once and watched lord of the rings and smoked a lot of pot it was probably the best movie watching experience of my life. as crazy as it sounds. but when the trip first hits you if you do not have a strong mind and you cant realize that the feeling WILL end sometime whatch the fuck out! ive seen people flip their fuckin lids on that shit. hiding in closets fearing for their lives. now for some reason i have done it more than a few times because of the accesability of the drug and i myself i had the feeling of death and what it would feel like if i were to die the extreme fear that goes along with. but for somereason i like it i know i can handle it so hence i like trying to control my mind it makes me feel like a more powerful person. and yes i have done this with dxm, take grape juice, didnt really do anything.

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if just take anything without knowing how its going to afect you

or without knowing the probper dosing your just asking

to damamage your body or od

I here from to many youngbloods yo you can take like 20 vics

and nothing will happen and that acdamin stuff is legal

so it won't hert you.

i feel comfortable saying that liver faler from that acdamin stuff

kill more people then every drug execpt heroin.

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