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congrats Barry Bonds


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I would love to see Hammerin Hank and the Babe to see if teams were as scarred to pitch to them as they are to Barry. We are truly lucky to witness such a thing. It won't be around for a while well maybe Arod....Congrats Barry.


Hank had a squad around him and the Babe had some guy named Gehrig hitting behind him. Take Barry away from the Giants and that team is a AAA team at best

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that juiced up giant melon of a head can suck my balls

no really he is nasty

I don't like him much either. But you cannot take what he has accomplished away from him. Juice or not he is still one of the greatest hitters. Juice will not bring your average to where his average is. And Juice does not make you hit home runs. You still need the mechanics to swing the bat well. Yeah it may help to a point but it does not do it all for you. I don't condone the use of juice. But I don't believe it makes a shitty ball player a good ball player. You have to have been good to begin with.

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That if you took away EVERY single one of Barry Bond's hits this year, just on walks alone....he would still have an OBP of .378 which would be higher than Vlad Guerrero's.

Side Note: Ichuro went 5 for 5 last night


they had a stat up on baseball tonight......the difference in OPS (on base plus slugging) between Bonds and the next highest consideration for MVP, Adrien Beltre, is the same difference between Beltre and Craig Counsell

think about that for a sec

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