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Trance Sensation EROTIC JOKER CD giveaway/ only 281 left!


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Hey Trance lovers all over the world, Erotic Joker has released one of the most greatest Trance compilation sets of all time, you've got to hear it to believe it!!! Its definitly something to talk and rave about!!!!

He is only at the ripe old age of 22 and has has played sets and given away over 5,000 of his various cd's within the past 4 years over 30 different sets, to the point where he is offically being called one of the worlds greatest DJ's. He has recieved plenty of fan mail gifts from his fans such as cd's with messages in them, side notes, and even recognition from promoters and worlds greatest DJ's such as Trance stars Johnny Vicious, Liquid Todd, Judge Jules , Edgar V, Gabriel & Dressden, and many more etc.. and the fans be believe he's the #1 Trance DJ in New York they say. Which has caused many other DJ's in the New York area to some what bash him cause Joker has not produced his first song as yet, but in due time its on its way His Latest 1000 cd giveaway is going fast. Due to the overwelming responces he's recieved which has shocked him, Joker himself will sign 1000 cd's of his new incredible mix cd called Love & Eroticism of Trance. Which features artist such as Midway, Solar Stone, Rank1, Armind Van Burren, and many more... He will be a bit buzy you can say for the next few months, as he choose to give back to his fans his free new autographed cd of his new cd in the mail it will be sent by him personally!!

To receive your FREE copy in the mail:

Write your name, address, (phone number, and

e-mail address) (for Erotic Joker events) to eroticjoker@aol.com

and expect your new cd to arrive within 3 to 4 business days.

Enjoy the incredible sounds and the Journey Joker takes you on, an absololutely spiritual experiance!

Enjoy your new cd: Erotic Joker promotions Harphey Morson.

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