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great movie... i never read the book, for those of you who have seen the movie and read the book does the movie stay true to the storyline~!? is the book worth reading~!?


..The book actually takes place in in 18th (if I'm not mistaken) century England, its one of my favorite books. The names are a bit different but the themes are the same...Pip helps Magwich and then he begins his quest to become educated in the ways of a 'gentleman'.

The whole play with Estella and Ms. Havisham (Dinsmore in the movie) plays out about the same way as does Pip's interaction with Joe and his feelings of remorse for spiting Joe because he isn't as 'cultured' as the society that Pip is trying to gain entrance too.

I found that the book had a very profound effect on my life in alot of ways because I can relate to alot of the feelings Pip went through. I came from a working middle class background and I'm probably the most articulate (next to my mother) one in the family.. Its kinda funny and tragic how we spite the ones who love us most because they sometimes don't live up to some construct that society tells us is righteous.

I'm grateful for everything I've got..this book is part of the reason why.

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