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11 million ...................


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... US teenagers are on anti-depressants , call me dramatical or naive but this statistic is Creepy & in all seriousness Fucked -up ? .... can a society like this actually say that it's the best in the world ?

I will elaborate in the future depending on your replies ...

what are your thoughts ?

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I don't blame the kids themselves I blame the fucked up parents that are putting their kids on medication.

Whats probably even more fucked up is that there are probably more parents taking such meds just to get by on a day to day basis .......sad , sad , sad .

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How many teenagers are there? what is the %.

And why is that bad again, because the society has the means to make people feel better it is bad. I am sure there are people all over the world who are a little screwy and wish they had something that would make life a little more bearable. There is a lot of pressure on people in this society, and in western civ in general. One of the offsprings of capitalism i guess.

I am not on any of these, but i know people who are.

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what if the problem is there, in every country, but we can detect it and treat it where other countries the people just have to deal.

I guess the problem i have with teens is that they are going through all kinds of hormone changes, atleast that is what i learned in 6th grade health class, so they will be a little "fucked" up no matter what.

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