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random: Have you ever successfully...


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...this is coming from the guy that found ways to torture and toy with seniors?........lol

fucking with humans is fun...when u can find a way to make someone go insane just by talking to them and saying simple things like "ur a gambler" over and over which causes them to flip out is funny...especially when the residents family member is there and they just think that there mother/father is to old to understand what they're doing but i know that it was making them mad...hahahahahaha...funny stuff....but that was years ago...

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don't think I've ever tried to kick one but I go out of my way to run them over with my car when they're all just chillin in the middle of the street

good sh!t. i was starting to get worried that bump was full of pigeon lovin hippies.

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Guest gabo
kicked a pigeon? took a swipe at one today when no one was looking and i missed.

just curious :confused:

I did once... I kicked that fucker about 10 feet too!

one of my greatest accomplishments.

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