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Seriously, congratulations Boston fans!


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Congratulations, I cant imagine what it must be like waiting 86 years to win the World Series. Generations have come and gone, by the way did anyone catch the Nike commercial after the game - showing Boston fans aging as the years counted away? Good stuff!

With all due respect, I picked Boston to beat the Yankees when Spring Training started (check the posts). The Yankees tried to break their own rules (pitching wins!), by doing it with a rediculous offense and a weak pitching rotation. Truth is, the Red Sox beat the best closer of all time in Game 4 to move on and sweep the Yankees in what was the worst flop in post season history. Fucking embarassing! The only morning I havent turned on SportsCenter for as long as I can remember.

That 19-8 beating was something else... Yes I bragged, I celebrated a little too early but that is what makes the rivalry and the season so much fun. Except that minor detail, lol, getting swept in 4 straight after being up 3-0.

No matter how many All-Stars the Yankees sign, nothing will ever match the home grown teams from 1995-1998. George just doesnt get it, homeruns DO NOT win championships - the same reason the Marlins beat us in the World Series last season. The good news is, George likes to win and spend money. We'll be back next season and we can start it up all over again!

So celebrate, just understand the Yankees ARE THE POST SEASON - 26 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS AND COUNTING. As much as I HATE the Red Sox, I can appreciate them winning because they were the better team in the end - this season. Finally Nick you can live in peace.

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I'd like to congratulate all Red Sox fans on your team winning the wold series. I know how it feels watching the Yankees win 4 in 6 years. It feels good so enjoy it. I hate to say this but: Boston Red Sox 2004 World Champions!!!! Congrats.

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