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this fat bastad.....


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so for the past week or so we have been removing our old copiers for these new ones that copy and scan and are networked to everyones computers. so everyday for the week we get a new copier. the copier company sends them over and the driver is about 6'3" and about 350 lbs... he brings in the machine and as u know is so frickin cold out and he is wearing short sleeves...as he is bringing the machine off the truck he is sweating so much that his shirt is soaked even before we enter the building which is HEATED....he left a trail of sweat from the loading dock to every room he brings a machine to...as he sets up the machine (unwrap the machine and plug it in) he weezes so loud that i think he is gonna have a heart attack and if he falls on me u know i aint gettin up...also he cant bend over or move to well around the machine so when he goes to plug it in he has to move the water coolers that are infront of the outlets out of his way...then everyday as i walk him out he turns to me and says "man, its hot in here"...lol...the best part is before i get out there to meet him he is SMOKING and not only 1 cig but he had to have 2...

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