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Blitzen Dec 18th Columbus Ohio

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If any of you are up for a road trip to C-bus this party looks dope!



Dusk Till Dawn Events, Lucky You Entertainment, and G.S.P. Entertainment

presents BLITZEN

Saturday December 18th Columbus, Ohio


DJ Starscream aka #0 – Iowa - Dnb/turntablism

SlipKnot, AMPT, ADAM Worldwide Management

DJ Starscream , a.k.a. #(0) of Slipknot, brings to the "tables" a commanding presence which shows the skills that have made him a driving force in music worldwide. With releases ranging from gold & platinum around the world, to the vinyl & digital underground, DJ Starscream always leaves his fans wanting more. Onstage and behind the decks, no music genre is out of DJ Starscream's reach. From the mass mayhem and metal genius that is Slipknot, to his own mesmerizing Jungle D&B sound assault, DJ Starscream's turntable domination electrifies and moves crowds around the world from arenas to the dance clubs. DJ Starscream is bringing it....

Rob Gee – Jersey - Hardcore

AMPT, ADAM Worldwide, GSP Entertainment

Rob Gee's unique style proves time and time again that he is a true entertainer. Whether ripping up the turntables or performing live with AMPT, his energy is second to none. A true treat for all, we bring out the one and only Rob Gee. With too many releases to name, and a completely FUCKIN INSANE stage presence, it is no wonder Rob is the leading man in the hardcore scene today. Touring weekly from LA to NY, Europe to Japan, Australia to Columbus, Ohio -Rob Gee just does not stop! All that have seen him know this mans genius behind the decks so let Rob bring it to the TRULY HARDCORE!

Adam X – New York - Techno

Sonic Groove, ADAM Worldwide Management

Adam X's stand-for-what-you-believe-in attitude mixes perfectly with his unique brand of post-techno, post-industrial electronics. For those in the know, if you've kept an ear to the street and your eyes on the underground there can be NO doubt about one of Brooklyn's original DJ-producers. You never know what to expect, except that his subliminally inclined rhythms will embody all possible aspects of the underground experience. Adam has blazed a path to the forefront of the global techno underground -- He is an industry standard, always solid and always on point!

Kos and Xavier 2x4 - Parkersburg, WV - Cleveland, OH

*Back to the Basics DVD release tour*

Stanton Magnetics, All Star DJ clothing, National Bar Card Entertainment, Ringmaster Productions, Adrenaline AM, Orion Productions Inc. .DJKOS.com, DJXAVIER.com

Once again these two maniacs are back for their 4 turntable madness. These guys have broke the barrier for the 2x4 and show no signs of looking back. They will be supporting the release of their two latest singles "Fallen From Broken Trust" featuring MC Flipside and "Never Again" featuring vocals by Mea. Be sure not to miss another tour date stop for their Back To The Basics Release Tour.

JJ Boogie - Cincinnati - Progressive House & Tech House

Groovereactor.com, ritualexperience.com, Groove Reactor Records

With nearly a decade of experience and gigs ranging from the WMC in Miami, the WEMF in Canada, and Live on the Decks in Chicago, JJ has worked tirelessly to push the envelope for EDM artists in the Midwest. He's produced material for several labels, runs his own successful Groove Reactor Records, and will be bringing a hard-hitting mix of some of the best harder progressive and tech sounds around.

Tom Sawyer – Cincinnati - Hard house

ACHardcorps.com, GSP Entertainment

*Revolutions v.2 realease event*

This man needs no introduction. Owner of the up and coming ACHardcorps label with releases from darren r, tronic, intense and more; Tom is quickly becoming a stable in the us hardhouse scene. Hot off his newest release "revolutions v. 2" being sold world wide, expect nothing less but superb track selection, incredible mixing, and ruthless original tracks from ohio's very own.

Joshua Perry - Cincinnati - Rock – n – Roll

CD Release Party

Airplane Clique, GSP Entertainment, joshuaperryac.com

Soniq Stylz - Dayton - breakz

Focalpoint.to, Beakz FM, Adrenaline AM, GSP Entertainment

Phrenzy - Dayton - dnb

Groovereactor, Rokit labs, GSP Entertainment, djphrenzy.com

Canada - Cincinnati - uk hard house

Airplane Clique, GSP Entertainment

Funky Asscheeks - Cicinnati - 2x4 house set

Focalpoint.to, Hydraform music

Billy B - Columbus - Hard Techno

SAE, GSP Entertainment, billyb.com

DJ Lady Bandit - Dayton - Breakz


NERO-X - Cincinnati - Hard Techno

Hypnotik Therapy, Airplane Clique

Mike Devine - Columbus - House

Lucky You Entertainment, Nightbreed

Vash the Stampede - Columbus - Freeform/Trancecore

Stampede Ent.

Reapercussions ft. Katt - Dayton- Cincinnati - dnb

Ninja Bass, GSP Entertainment

Avex Axiom - Chicago - Intelligent Prog/Techno

Majestic Nightlife, Fuel, Abstract Rhythm, Ffunkshun Productions INC.

Kaiten w/ Sparkles vs Coleco- Lancaster - Cincy -old skool hhc w/ live vocals

Suburban Hardcore, RPG Street

Zaden - Cincinnati - dnb

Airplane Clique

Captain Cheddar - Michigan - hhc

Irrational Mob Mentality, UUK

JFm - Tampa Fl - Tech House

Basic Beats, G.S.P. Entertainment

Looper - Columbus/Chicago - Drum n Bass


B - Columbus - Breakz


Scitek vs. Caedo - Columbus - Dnb


Cathexis - Columbus - Speed Garage

URU crew, Daarsound Entertainment, SAE

Dekay - Columbus - Dnb


Majik - Columbus - Electro House/Breakz

SAE, Nightbreed Productions

DJ Dialated - Columbus/Cincy - HHC


Pasty - Columbus - Freeform


Massive 3 room Virgin Warehouse brought to you by Nightbreed

Lights, visuals, sound, and lazers

Insane lighting and visual set up along with high end lazers and a massive display of sound.


Professional security will be on hand to the protection and safety of everyone.

Promo giveaways

by Moist Music, GSP, AC Hard Corps, XS, and more

This will be an all ages event.

Doors open at 8 p.m. - 6 a.m.

Please arrive early to avoid the lines.


All vender inquires please Email [email protected]

We will be conducting a toy drive for needy children on this holiday season evening. This is a potential opportunity to give back to the community and help show what our scene is all about. Bring a toy and help to make this holiday season special for deserving children.


20 with a toy / 25 without all night

*No ghetto ass broken down toys please. You must bring a toy of some quality to receive the discount. Remember this is for children.*

Info line number


Absolutely no drugs, alcohol, makers bad attitudes, bad vibes, sawed off shotguns, nuclear devices, house hold cleaning chemicals, poisoned egg nog, evil reindeer games, large lumps of coal, or horny elves.......expect to be searched! ROAR in Effect!!!

Web Support






























As always we thank you the true kids of the scene for the support and dedication. With too many to name here goes: GOD, Mrs. Alien,, Ryan Mack, Grimus, Sean, Josh, Tom, skrapy, bubbles, adrienne, damien, jon hennesy, billy b, Sid, Slink, tonE, Adam X, ADAM recordings, Moist Music, dj cer, phrenzy, :scene:, Zen, midwest ravers, NORML, ravetrash, EMDEF, ritalin, Rob GEE, matt, jester, shelton, the rents, my indy cats, all my nyc and pa crews, my dedicated souls that support all the local djs, ofcourse the city of columbus and the great state of ohio, and many many more we could not fit in, we love and appreciate everyone of you and thank you for the continuing support which is all that makes any of this possible....Happy Holidays and RESPECT!!!

Blitzen is proudly sponsored by Korg USA, Vestax, Marchall, Vox, Red Bull, XS, One love skate shop, & Moist Music

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