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Hey "LorenzoLamas" - Gnat This!

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<Sarcastic> You know that search function is so useful. Especially when over 20 gazillion threads only two people appear to be using the word .... gnat.:rofl:</sarcastic>

Here was Lorenzo's post today ...


"Usual bunch of cross tooth yokels ramming their gonzo bird beaks so far up the girls labial victorian curtains that they could taste the latest creampie after drip. You guys who comment with "oooh sweetie your so pretty!! keep posting"...or "omg " must be pizza faced chodes who network friends on myspace.com, because nobody from my HOT or NOT panel or anyone with a smidgeon of class and confidence would consider the beasts that roam wild upon these boards good looking. .... Sad when a crosdresser looks more female then you. But never the less, all the gnats will fly out of their shitpiles and start to clap and praise that a female is posting pics...cmon guys, one night out with Lorenzo and I will show you what a woman looks like."

Shall we compare it to this "fine" former poster:


"When you make 10k an hour for having a long neck come talk to me my pizza faced gnat. Post your pic and I'll gladly "critique" you with the goodness in my heart."

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"Aside from the tacky hoola hoop Shanekwa earrings and the fake color contact lenses, and the "my shit dun stink" attitude, Miss Beni Hana 2003 likes to mingle with the likes of David "Pizza Face" Lee, and Chip Douglas the local Cable Guy who just wants a friend. Pizza Face likes to lather the Chips grundle with wasabi while discussing new ways to improve the A List B75 party. Bottom line is "DEE" is as fake as they come and is the typical American steriotype."



you know what blockhead? I dont give a fuck. Its all the same to me, but if it really tickles the underside of your pierced grundle, you can write the difference, and ill pretend to have read it.

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