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Do you agree that some of those greatttt 90s metal and hard rock songs just are killer songs to fck to ?

I bought myself a 2 cd set of 90s rock songs and .... when you hear some of these songs ... u think about how it use to be .. and still is in some places.

Is it me, or is there something about those songs that brings back a time when lust and luv was very .... simple and raw ... and genuine ... and friggen hot. You walk in the watering hole in ur jeans and t shirt, you see a natural hottie in the corner in her t shirt and jeans drinking a beer, you toss her a beer, you shoot some pool ... etc

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Heard (80s) Van Halen in a small dive bar here last Monday (v-day) that always plays rock in roll. 20 people in the joint, not an affected mofo in the bunch, and 17 of the hottest chicks youve seen ever, kicking it in jeans, tossing back beers, the walls dark and dirty in red and black ... no one lookig perfect and madeup, everyone looking naturally real and pretty and ready to fck the hell out of you in the back restrooms on the side of the kitchen. Godda luv fcking to rocknroll music :rock:

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