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New & Notable Releases for 17-23 January 2005


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The following titles have been received at American wholesalers over the past week and should be available at your favorite specialist retailer this week.

Soundsamples for most of the following tracks may be found at our website www.rezrec.com

Bootlegs & Acapellas

A Guy Called Gerald “Voodoo Ray 2005†White ENG 12 – Hoxton Whores mix, circulates as HW019, dark chunky reworking of this techhouse classic with hooky vocal samples and chuggy instrumentation.

Taylor Dayne “Tell It To My Heart 2005†White GER 12 – massive bootleg circulates as WL023, faithful reworking with hooks of the chorus and samples of the original synth line worked into the production. Flip featured a darker, chunkier reworking.

Inner City “Good Love 2005†White ENG 12 – Blue Amazon mix, circulates as INNER001, the original vocal worked into Blue Amazon’s dark, chunky progressive house production. On the flip is a reworking of Al Capone “Perpteually Yours.â€

Pink Floyd “Another Brick In The Wall 2005†White GER 12 – driving techhouse reworking circulates as VKTD004 with hooks of the chorus and original instrumentation worked into the high-octane instrumentation.

Technotronic “Pump Up The Jam 2005†White GER 12 – Milk & Sugar remix, circulates as TECHNO001, the full original vocal worked into an energetic bigfloor house orchestration, with elements of the original instrumentation blended in to boot.

Barbara Tucker vs Les Rhythm Digitales “Jacques Your Beautiful Body, People†White ENG 12 – latest in Avenue series (16AVE), Barbara Tucker vocal hooks worked into the funky French house instrumentation of Les Rhythms Digitales. Flipside is an energetic latin-tinged house reworking of Afro Medusa “Pasilda.â€

Unknown “Back To The Eighties†White ENG LP – catalog number is BTE1980, acapella collection featuring soundsamples from various 80s movie clips.


Cajmere f/Dajae “I Need U†Cajual USA 12 Part 2 – Second set of mixes on this smooth, seductive garage vocal cut with Mark Grant providing a chunkier, funkier interpretation that works nicely with Dajae's inspiring vocal. Also inclues a dub version.

DJ Joe K “Batukada†Congos FRA 12 – Dark driving French tribal with a hint of progressive synth blended into a mesmerizing production with congas ablaze. Two mixes, one based on a samba-influenced beat.

DJ Spen f/Vonita White “My Devotion†Devotion USA 12 – A solid gospel-influeced house production with an uplifting vocal by Ms White over a warm, shuffly garage house production from DJ Spen. Includes full vocal and dub versions.

Future Tiny Wave “Controversy†Mostiko BNX 12 – Chunky, funky electro-tinged tech house cover of the Prince classic with a very well-executed vocal performance integrated into the orchestration. Very nice reinterpretation of a classic track with both full vocal and dub versions.

Lovefreekz “Shine†Rise ITA 12 – Solid uptempo Prydz-esque house reworking of the classic ELO cut "Shine A Little Love" with chunky rhyhtms, hooky disco-influenced house synth orchestrations and samples of the chorus. Also includes a darker,grittier reworking from Pete Heller.

Marascia “DJ Superstar†Dee-Perfect ITA 12 – the synthline from the KLF classic "3AM" is the basis of this driving house cut as the sample is filtered in, samples, and tweaked over a driving rhythm line with strategic vocal hooks of the title worked in.

Saga “Wind Him Up 2005†Zeitgeist GER 12 – Classic Italohouse cut gets the update for the new millenium in a chunky Prydz-esque style with hooks of the singalong chorus worked into the production. On the flip, the Boogie Pimps (who can be credited with helping propel the current trend of cutting up samples) work their magic to full effect.

Solaphonics “Give Me Some Love†Milk & Sugar GER 12 Part 2 – New 2005 reworking of this track from last year that added an energetic new rock-tinged house synth line to add extra punch and drive to the prodution, while complementing the original vocal perfeclty.

Supersonic f/Taka Boom “Everybody Movin Around†Rise ITA 12 – Classy disco-infused Italian house production featuring festive, energetic vocals from Taka Boom supported by driving rhythm lines. Includes a darker, techier reworking from Phunk Investigation in both full vocal and dub versions.

Stonebridge “Take Me Away†Hed Kandi ENG 12 Part 1, Part 2 and C5 – The followup single in the UK to the massive "Put Em High" is a warm, summery house production with a light singalong female vocal perfect to remove the winter chill. Disc 1 features the orignal and a deeper, smoother rework from Rhythm Doctors while disc two features an energetic rework from D-Bop and a darker, chunkier mix by Mauve. CD-Maxi has all.

Armand van Helden “Everyime I Feel It†House Session GER 12 Part 2 – New mixes from Germany on Armand's latest release, featuing a solid techhouse reworking from Steve Angello that reworks hooks of the chorus into an energetic orchestration. Also includes a remix from the Tune Brothers in a deeper, funkier house style.

Trance & Progressive

ALT + F4 “ALT+F4†Anjunabeats ENG 12 – Stunning melodic instrumental trance production with gorgeous, intricate synth orchestrations, dramatic breakdowns and hand-lifting buidups supported be solid rhythm underlays. Two mixes, both spectacular examples of the beauty of instrumental production.

Ampire “The Preacher†Overdose GER 12 – Driving energetic Teutonic trance production with driving rhythm lines, powerful melodic orchestrations and a familiar spoken male vocal sample worked into the breakdown. Two mixes, perfect for the big trance floors.

Avatar “The Haze†Sog ENG 12 – Chunky energetic progressive house production with a hypnotic male vocal worked into the dark, brooding synth orchestration, all supported by steady rhythms. Remix on the flip by Greed thickens the synth lines and gives the track a deeper, darker mood without draining the energy from the production.

Urban Cookie Collective “The Key, The Secret 2005†Feverpitch ENG 12 and C5 – Big, bouncy trancepop reworking of this old rave standard, with mixes from Lee S, Northstarz and Central Seven in the happy sound associated with labels like All Around the World. All mixes use the full vocal, and are simply fun productions.

Anneke van Hooff “Lie To Me†541 BNX 12 – Stunning vocal trancepop production from Belgium that will appeal to fans of Ian van Dahl, Lasgo and Sylver. Emotion-filled female vocal ably supported by an uplifting melodic trance orchestration. Includes both full vocal and dub versions.

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The Lovefreeks - Shine

The Jupiter Ace mix is sick..

The Skylark mix ain't so bad neither...

There is NO Skylark mix, that's a mislabel...it is actually the original mixes that are labeled "Skylark". Pete Heller's mix has gotten hammered but I prefer Jupiter Ace.

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