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girl assaulted at nightclub (Funny)


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GLAMOUR girl Jodie Marsh was pelted with glass bottles at a St Albans nightclub on Saturday.

The topless model was making a public appearance at Batchwood Hall when yobs threw glass bottles at her hitting her on the head.

Ms Marsh, 26, almost collapsed after the incident which occurred while she was giving a question and answer session at the nightclub in Batchwood Drive.

According to reports in The Sun newspaper the crowd started jeering at the model after she told revellers that she supported the football club Spurs.

One member of the crowd got particularly rowdy and threw a bottle in the air towards the stage, hitting her on the forehead.

Ms Marsh told the Sun: "The bottles came out of nowhere.

"As one struck me I felt my knees go and I went dizzy."

Security staff from the nightclub and her own personal security guards immediately jumped to the rescue and rushed the model off stage.

They identified the men who threw the bottles and detained them until police arrived and arrested them.

Despite her ordeal and a lump on her head Ms Marsh stayed at the club to sign autographs in a room upstairs and have photographs taken with the Batchwood staff.

Around 400 clubbers are thought to have turned out especially for the VIP visit.

A spokesman from Batchwood Hall insisted that the bottle had not been thrown intentionally at Ms Marsh.

She claimed the model was "absolutely fine" and had no marks on her head.

The spokesman said: "I totally believe it was not intentional. They were not yobs or revellers as The Sun described them.

"Ms Marsh did not want to press any charges. However, Batchwood insisted that this was the case and that they were arrested because of their behaviour, which we totally do not tolerate."

Police have released the two men who were arrested for assault on Saturday.

The men have not been charged.

Ms Marsh sustained "a bit of bruising to her head", according to police.

They are still investigating the incident but say that Ms Marsh will not be pressing charges.

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