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Things Said around the Club, Feb Edition


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Drunk guy to me: "I run all the bars from Rockaway to ... <slurred word>."

Me <acting like a give a crap but I dont>: "Really?"

Drunk guy: "How old are you?"

Me: "Hell, not as old as you."

Girl to me about drunk guy: "Is he wearing Air Jordons with a Hawaiian shirt?"

Me: "I think he is. Hey, dude, where in Boston are you from?"

Drunk: "Im from Rockaway and this red wine <burb> is really good."

My buddy to a chick "Hey, what a pretty necklace. Is that a star?"

Chick: "Yes. But it's not a star of Star of David."

Another buddy to me about the chick: "You deck her while I choke her."

Usherwantabe standing next to his 3 series coupe w/22s playign the music exceptionally loud as he dances around with his chains shaking.

Me to Usherwantabe: "Hey, turn down that fcckin stock radio!!!"

Monster truck pulls up in front of club and revs its tires.

Buddy to me about truck: "That drunk says small penis all over it."

Monster trucks burns it tires and speeds way.

Chick to me about truck: "That truck says premature ejaculation all over it"

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