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CLUBBITY.COM - new version

the safe club culture site

Clubbity has renovated itself, with a brand new look and much more content. This third version aims to go forward with its mission to bring together the essence of worldwide club culture, delivering you daily news, reviews, interviews, features, charts, world events calendar, event reviews. The new clean design, the reorganisation of the content and the addition of new sections will make your Clubbity experience unique in its kind. Scroll down to see what this is all about and come visit us, you will be our welcomed guest.

the Clubbity team




Refreshed look with easier readability and better usability.


Only on Clubbity can you find in exclusive and official radio shows of world renowned record labels like Ubiquity Records, Irma Records, Schema Records and Switchstance Recordings. Every month we will have a new mix from their artists available only to Clubbity.


24 hours a day radio with the best radioshows from all the Internet, every hour.


News and features on the world of jazz, soul, funk and bossa: past to present.


Monthly reports from various places around the globe.


The forum where to meet people from around the world, sharing thoughts.


A deeper look inside the big cities: their life, their people, their music.


With Zimpala. The relationship between wine and music has never been so tight.


From Japan and for the Japanese speaking. Multilingual Clubbity, more and more global.


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JOIN THE COMMUNITY - http://www.clubbity.com/forum/



STRAIGHT NO CHASER Issue 29 - Vol. 2 - Pag. 20

www.clubbity.com - Quality new music resource and radioshow, based in Italy but relevant to all.

MICHAEL RÃœTTEN (Soulpatrol / Compost Radio, Frankfurt)

"Very informative, fresh and keepin the freestyle idea alive. Recommended."

CAPITOL A (Jazzanova / 2000Black / Mantis)

"Clubbity.com is definitely the killa website on anything you need to know about all things forward thinking, and happening on the global scene !!!!!!!!!!!"

ATJAZZ (Mantis Recordings, UK)

"Clubbity are always at the front when it comes to spreading the word in the scene, Big Up Guys WE LIKE YOU!"

TYLER ASKEW (Straight No Chaser, Rude Movements, New York)

"Nuff respect goin out to Clubbity.com site for keepin' worldwide headz tuned in...Check it!"

KARL INJEX (Straight No Chaser, Rude Movements, Atlanta)

"From gigs to new releases to the hottest features, Clubbity is your mainline to all things underground..."


"Italia: pizza, spaghetti, mandolino...and Clubbity!"

MEGABLAST aka SASHA WEISZ (G-Stone, Luv Lite, Vienna)

"A big "megablastin" shout out to Clubbity! Always up to date with the dopest stuff. Really down with the music scene. Check it out!"

JONAS QUANT (Dot, Hollow, Ecco Chamber, Naked Music, Gonkyburg)

"Everything you need to know about the latest and greatest music... SOO FRESH!!"

PAUL MURPHY (Afro Art Records, UK)

"I met them once, Clubbity that is, in Genoa, Italy. Very nice people."

FABRIZIO CARRER (Irma Records, Italy and USA)

"Big up to Clubbity.com, the most updated music link on the web...and don't forget the radio shows!"

NIK WESTON (Mukatsuku PR, London)

"Colourful website full of cutting edge music information from labels all over the world that tune chasers such as myself feed off....check it out !!"

ALAN 'CUKIPAPA' BROWN (Soul Seduction, Vienna)

"I increased my length from a 6" to a 8" with just one visit to Clubbity.com. I going for more and my girlfriend loves me long time! No pills, no patches, no embarrassment, just one click of you plastic rodent will help you gain extra inches in length and girth too. I recommend you bookmark this site immediately"

GERD (4lux Recordings, Rotterdam)

"Clubbity.com is one of my favourite sites on contemporary dance. Cool, Calm & Collective!"

TITONTON DUVANTÉ (Residual, Columbus)

"Nice! Really got a chance to check it. Easy to navigate, informative."

STOCKHOLM CYCLO (Irma Records / Raw Fusion, Sweden)

"Thank you Clubbity for transgressing top news about the jazz beyond and the boogie of the future. Word!"

SHUR-I-KAN (Freerange Records, London)

"Quality site, great music taste, nice design - straight into the bookmarks!"

AARON MICHELSON (Ubiquity Records, California)

"Choice musical taste."

LARS BEHRENROTH (BOC Productions / Talk, Los Angeles)

"Dope site - ever growing database of reviews, interviews and DJ-Charts ... bookmarked!"

PABLO VALENTINO (Faces Records, Strasbourg)

"Big Up to the Italian connection for Clubbity.com...Good to see a website full of infos & good stuff..."

STEFANO GHITTONI (The Dining Rooms, Schema Records, Milan)

"I like a lot Clubbity attitude. I feel it very deep and melodious."

CAY TAYLAN (Couch Records, Vienna)

"You love to club? So you'd love to Club-bity"

NEEDS (Frankfurt)

"Nice website.. Big up to clubbity.com for keeping it real!"

TOM STRAUCH (Switchstance Recordings, Germany)

"Clubbity.com is one of the truest and best platforms for modern club music to find in the worldwide web. These funny dudes really do it out of their love for true music."

PAINÈ (Temposphere Records, Milan)

"Essential and very up-to-date resource for the jazz & beat music lovers.

MARK SPRINGFIELD (Fluid Ounce records, London)

“A varied veritable banquet of charts, reviews, interviews and more.â€

RAW DEAL (StraightAhead records, Switzerland)

“Clubbity Clubbity Clop Oh! It’s 12 o’clock. Pull up your socks Let’s dance and hop Clubbity Clubbity Clopâ€

MARK ROBERTSON (Spiritual South, London)

“Flying the flag for the loud minorityâ€

CLUBBITY.COM - the safe club culture site



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