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another electric mix


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LISTEN: http://radiomotion.com/audio/012.rm (Real Audio 32 kbps)

DOWNLOAD: http://radiomotion.com/audio/RadioMotion012.mp3 (mp3 192 kbps)

The Girth - Nubian Funk (Tango)

DJ2 - Plural, Mazi rmx (Pancake)

Trent Cantrelle - Fallin' off the Floor, Freaky Chakra rmx (Whoop)

Paul Davis - Contact (Ku de ta)

Sven Wegner - Keep on to Myself (Lebensfreude)

Slam - Lie to Me, Freestyle Man rmx (Soma)

Zoomer - Chas Burns

Sharam Jey - Slave, dub (Underwater)

Girogio Moroder - Evolution, Roger Sanchez rmx (CNF)

Steve Angello - Groove in You, ???? rmx

Inner City - Big Fun, F Moscatello rmx

Red Kult - Miracle, dub

Sucker DJ's - For Love, Dirty German mx (Dazed)

Bazement Freaks - Spikehead, Eddie Amador rmx (ID&T)

Juan Atkins - Rebound (Subject Detroit)

Alex Gopher & Etienne de Crecy - Overnet (Solid)

Shakedown - Love Game, Mouse T & Erasherhead rmx (Wall of Sound)

Simple Minds - RM (d:vision)

The Jackal - Clear Message (Sondos)

Harry Diamond & David Pannell- Konstruct (Maelstrom)

Un Plug - Time Unlimited, ATT rmx (EQ)

Oreja - Vazilando, Alex Trackone rmx (ij2)

Cave & The Miller - Mystery (Primevil)


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