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would any of you date this woman ??i think theres something amazingly hot about her !


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lol, on the radio last night, the guy was talking about how he saw a chic fight over the weekend, but it was 2 dudes, then he was saying any guy that throws a windmill of punches isn't fighting like a man..

whoever makes a comment like that is an idiot :laugh: if a man throws a windmill of punches he just simply isnt trained to fight .. has nothing to do with fighting like a man or not. if a guy has never fought or hasnt had training in combat then he just simply doesnt know how too fight.. that in no way doesnt mean that person cant be tough .. ive seen fights between 2 guys.. one guy had fought several times before in his life and came out on top .. i was actually there all the times.. the other guy on the other hand never saw a fist in his face in his life !! lol .. when the guy with the more experience hit the other guy in the face .. the newbie fuckin lost it and i swear he put that other guy (that had fought a few times before) in the hospital :laugh: it was fuckin over in 2 minutes !! and he fought like you described the radio guy said .. windmill of punches !! that has got to be one of the funniest things ive ever witnessed ! and ive seen my share of streetfights !! lol .. that shit took the cake !! :laugh:

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