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New & Notable Releases for 21-27 Feburary 2005


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The following titles have been received at American wholesalers over the past week and should be available at your favorite specialist retailer this week.

Soundsamples for most of the following tracks may be found at our website www.rezrec.com

Bootlegs & Acapellas

Rick Astley “My Arms Keep Missing You 2005†White GER 12 – HOTBOOT001, hoks from the vocal and original instrumentation in a driving tech house production.

Audioworkx “Tonight†White ENG 12 – AW001 side A uses instrumental line from Duran Duran “Save A Prayer’.

Madison Avenue “Who The Hell Are You White ENG 12 – RANSOM017 – hooks of Cheyne’s vocal worked into a chunky disco-tinged house reworking. Two interpretations.

House Of Love “Shine 2005†White GER 12 – Slide Remix is a spacious progressive house style – SHINEDJ001.

Madonna “Music 2005†White ENG 12 – DMA mix, circulates as DONNA01, funky mid-tempo house mix with the full vocal.

Nitzer Ebb “Let Your Body Learn†White SPA 12 – chunky Spanish tribal bootleg that works in hooks and samples of the original Nitzer Ebb track into the production. Catalog # AA001.

Sade “Nothing Can Come 2005†White ENG 12 – DERIG1, smooth seductive garage house reworking of this Sade track with full vocal. Flipside is a similar-styled reworking of “No Ordinary Love.â€

Jill Scott “Golden 2005†White ENG 12 – circulates as GOLDEN1, new 2005 remix by Kenny Dope in a funky house style.

Nancy Sinatra “Bang Bang 2005†White ENG 12 – ABOOT02 – Audio Bullys remix in a chunky, funky house style with hooks of the original vocal worked into the production.


Steve Angello “Tribal Inc†Tribal SPA 12 – Spanish tribal reworkings by Jesse Garcia of this solid tech-infused track by Steve Angello. Lots of driving rhythm lines and dark, haunting synth swells for the fans of the conga and snare. Includes original and Garcia mixes of the track “Humanity†on the flip.

Aubrey “If You Don’t Know Me By Now†Robbins USA 12 and C5 – Latest single from the vocalist whose “Stand Still†was a major circuit anthem a couple years back. Main mix comes from Johnny Budz and has a freestyle meets breaks feel, while for the bigrooms Peter Presta provides a drum-laden rework.

Bini & Martini “Stop†Ocean Trax ITA 12 – New set of mixes on this solid Italian vocal house production with a hooky diva vocal given a solid reworking for the bigrooms by Mr Timothy full of hand-raising energy. Flipside features a darker, techier dub reworking by Paul C.

Stephanie Cooke “Love Will†West End USA 12 – Blaze on the production for this solid garage vocal house cut featuring a stellar vocal performance by Ms Cooke over a smooth, guitar-laced shuffly lounge house orchestration. Release includes both full vocal and dub versions.

Inaya Day “Nasty Girl†69 USA 12 – Now on was, the Peter Rauhofer mixes of this saucy cover of Prince that was originally out on Peppermint Jam Germany last fall. Herr Rauhofer transforms this funky jam into a massive bigroom circuit floor monster, and now the vinyl purists can enjoy what the CD jocks have been slamming for the past couple weeks.

Dexland “Rise Up†Oxyd ITA 12 – Fun singalong Italian house production with a sunny male vocal over a warm, disco-influenced house orchestration. Jason Rooney mix on the flip is a funkier house production that fits the vocal nicely.

Each Others f/Tameka Starr “Fast Car†Motivo ITA 12 – cover of Tracy Chapman’s famous hit in a bouncy Italian house production that hints nicely at the promise of the upcoming summer season. Includes a funky remix by Minimal Chic on the flip.

Gordon Edge “Set Your Body Free†Subliminal USA 12 – funky vocal house cut is the style of the latest release from the Subliminal camp with a seductive female vocal over a chunky disco-tinged orchestration. Flipside “Trumpet Funk†is exactly that, a funky instrumental house cut with a trumpet stealing the show.

First Choice “You Took The Words 2005†Egoiste GER 12 – Global Brothers reworking this old disco classic for the new millennium with a dark, chunky prog-tinged interpretation that dubs the vocal in and out. For those who prefer a more classic disco-house sound, Staf provides two solid remixes that work the full vocal nicely.

Freemasons “Love On My Mind†Loaded ENG 12 Promo – Excellent house production with a solid female vocal supported by massive mixes from King Unique in his bigroom disco-tinged style and a chunkier, techier reworking from the Sharp Boys. Classic vocal house at its best.

Gaudino f/Ultra Nate “Bittersweet Melody†Rise ITA 12 – New remixes of this solid Italian house production with KTF and Seamus Haji providing solid bigroom disco-influenced productions that fit La Ultra’s vocal perfectly.

Global Deejays “The Sound Of San Francisco†Universal FRA 12 – Scott McKenzie classic from the late 60s (we think) in a massive Benassi-Royal Gigolos style electrotech house production that has dominated the dance charts in Germany for the past several weeks. Driving rhythms and dark, techy synth lines break down into the folk-style original vocal before building back to the punchy orchestration. Two mixes.

Global Deejays “What A Feeling†Superstar GER 12 – The followup to their massive “Sound Of San Francisco†sees the Global Deejays reworking Irene Cara’s seminal track from the early 80s into a driving bigroom electrotechouse monster. Four different interpretations provided, all massive production that should see this track topping the German club charts in no time at all as the driving synths and rhythms break down into the original vocal and instrumentation of “Flashdanceâ€.

Haji & Emanuel “The Weekend†Azuli ENG 12 – cover of Class Action in an energetic disco-tinged house production with all the famous vocal lines present to sing along to. Well produced interpretation of a classic track with both full vocal and dub versions.

Blair Jacob “Nothing Like You†Society Heights ENG 12 – Solid garage vocal house production with solid, inspirational female vocals over warm, shuffly orchestrations perfect for the more intimate floors. Includes the B-side track “Funk Potion†and dub versions of both cuts.

Ernest Kohl “Only You 2005†Benz USA 12 – Big bouncy cover of the Yazoo classic now available on wax released a few weeks back on CD). Includes the solid circuit house rework by Chris Panaghi.

Kym Mazelle “Love Magic†Cube ITA 12 – One of the great divas of house music returning with this seductive mid-tempo house production. Insprational vocals from La Mazelle with both full vocal and dub versions provided by the Cube Guys in a classic vocal house style.

MC Mario “Black Out†Unlimited Sound GER 12 – Moving away from his usual hardtrance style, MC Mario enters into driving German electrotechouse land with this massive release that feauture a seductive female vocal hook, driving acid synths and a cowbell all blended to perfection. Massive release with a breaks remix by Binik Phunk.

Paris Avenue “I Want You 2005†Motivo ITA 12 – Hooky singalong male R&B-style vocal is the basis of this massive tech-tinged house production that hints at the upcoming summer season. On the flip is a solid reworking by Stellar Project.

Reflekt “Need To Feel Loved†Positiva ENG 12 – Latest release from Positiva is this Seb Fontaine-produced vocal progressive cut also includes for the house floors a chunky tech-tinged rework by Fuzzy Hair that weaves the seductive vocal into an energetic production.

Ritmo Urbano f/Pepper Mashay “Stand By Me†Chameleon ITA 12 – Featuring some hooky vocal samples from the grand diva herself, this is driving Italian tribal house at its best with dark, chugging rhythm lines and deep, spacious synth swells. Two mixes.

Vinnie Troia “Expression†Curve USA 12 – Chunky tech-house production with a catchy female vocal over a funky, chunky production. Includes a more energetic reworking by Abe Duque and a smoother lounge mix. Already charting on Billboard’s Club Play chart.

Vanguarde “Mamma Mia†Universal FRA 12 – bouncy blue-eyed cover of Abba with a slight techy chunk to the production, perfect for those rooms that like singalong HiNRG, on the flip the track gets a complete overhaul in a driving electrotechhouse production that dubs the vocal within the orchestration.

Trance & Progressive

Dean Coleman & Hernan Cattaneo “Behind The Music†White SPA 12 – Dark chugging progressive house cut with a hooky male spoken vocal worked into the deep, driving rhythms and spacious synth swells. Includes a solid remix by Maurel & Fauvrelle which adds a touch of tribal to the blend.

Chris Hoff “Controllin’ Me†Tidy ENG 12 – Massive energetic UK Hardtrance production with driving waves of melodic synthwork, aggressive rhythm lines and a huge diva female vocal to add an extra degree of punch to the production. Big hands-in-the-air production for fans of the frentic hardtrance sound.

Iio “Runaway†Made USA 12 Promo Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 – This year’s single from the makers of the seminal anthem “Rapture†is another solid production with a haunting female vocal full of seductive emotion. Disc one features an energetic trance reworking by Ford with the full vocal and a massive hands-in-the-air production with the flipside being a dark, techy dubby reworking by Kelly D. Disc 2 features a dark, chuggy progressive house reworking by Evolved with the full vocal and a flowing melodic progressive house reworking by Austin Leeds Disc three features a dark, driving progressive rework by Scotty Marz that complements the full vocal very nicely. On the flip is another seductive reworking by Dirty German with a dark, driving bigroom rhythm line and haunting spacious synth lines with the vocal dubbed out.

Marc et Claude “Free†Go For It GER 12 – Latest single from this long-established German trance production duo with another bigroom melodic production featuring a seductive vocal over a haunting melodic orchestration with a touch of techiness worked into the production. Includes solid remixes by Mike Norman and Marc van Linden that give the track a bigger, more anthemic feel.

John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney “Restricted Motion†Discover ENG 12 – Massive instrumental trance production in the English style with intricate waves of melodic synth interwoven into dramatic breakwodns and climactic builds, all supported by energetic rhythm lines. Includes a solid mix by John Askew on the flip.

NarcoticThrust “When The Dawn Breaks†Yoshitoshi USA 2x12 – US-edition of this massive follow-up to the cheerleader-friendly “I Like It†features new mixes exclusive to the American pressing as Mark Knight Martin ten Velden and Behrouz both provide solid progressive interpretations on the track, making full use of the plaintive male vocal. Also includes the stellar original vocal mix.

Mauro Picotto “Pulsar 2005†BXR ITA 12 – Tiesto gives this classic harddance anthem a major overhaul for the new millennium, adding his trademark tech-tinged trance production to the famous vocal samples and driving rhythm lines.

Reflekt “Need To Feel Loved†Positiva ENG 12 – Latest release from Positiva is this Seb Fontaine-produced vocal progressive cut with a seductive female vocal over spacious progressive orchestrations. Remix comes from the Thrillseekers who transform the track into a masterful anthemic trance anthem.

Nation Grooves “Walking In The Rain†Pacemaker GER 12 – gorgeous TranceNRG cover of the mid-90s classic by Love Unlimited, with a seductive female vocal over an uplifiting melodic orchestration supported by steady rhythm lines. Excellent cover for the bigrooms that like singalong producions.

Sandler “Chemistry EP†Liquid BNX 12 – Followup to the massive “Theme Song†finds Sandler moving in a darker, techier and more energetic direction with driving waves of synth deftly orchestrated into massive breakdowns and energetic builds. Three mixes, each one progressively harder and more acidic in feel than the one before.

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