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2C-E - Trip Report


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A friend was in town this weekend and we decided to do 20mg 2C-E and go see Constantine. We dosed at a little before 8:00pm and went to the 8:30 show. By the time we got to the theater, I could feel something brewing, but was on the level of placebo. As the movie started, I could feel things really starting to come on strongly. I don't know how good the movie would have been to my sober-self, but it was incredibly good at the time. I was totally wrapped up in the suspense and emotion of the movie to the point that I could almost believe that I was there and experiencing what was happening on the screen. Generally speaking, if there were people talking I was half-confused about what was going on. However, the imagery and soundtrack drove my interest and suspense to the point that conversations between my wife (our trip sitter) and my friend became impossible to become interested in despite my interest in what he was doing or thinking. A short time into the movie my friend got the feeling that the dark theme of the movie was going to really make him uncomfortable, so he went out to the lobby to get gum. They didn't sell gum at the concession stand so he went outside into the parking lot to find someone who did. After 10 or 15 mins, he apparently became worried that everyone in the theater was waiting for him to come back and he had exhausted all possible excuses for being gone as long as he had, so he came back.

After the movie, we went home to sit around and talk about what we were thinking about. He had the unusual ability to deform space and generate visual effects by manipulating imaginary solid objects with his hands. For at least 8 hours he was walking around twisting, turning, shearing, pushing, pulling and otherwise manipulating imaginary boxes and balls. He would often look down the edge of his hand as if aiming it at something or trying to align it with something. Our math skills were completely blown. It took us at least 30 seconds to agree that it had been almost 4 hours since we dosed. After some bit of silence I said that it was a strange feeling I was having, like I was waiting for the next event to happen rather than doing something. He agreed that any old event would do, even the mention of waiting for the next event was a perfectly good event to happen.

Conversation among the three of us jumped from topic to topic with the two of us often forgetting what the original question or topic was. My wife would sometimes bring us back to the original point, but more often she would just let us flow from one thing to the next in a sometimes in coherent fashion. We talked a little bit about the movie, some of which my wife tried to explain to us. However, neither of us were able to comprehend what she was saying and we agreed to ask her again the next day when we were more coherent.

Music was pretty good. For me it was slightly enhanced, but for my friend it was signifigantly better. He especially liked to listen to music and watch the visualizations generated by Windows Media Player. Television was somewhat interesting, but we were mostly just looking for something that we would both not watch as opposed to something we could both watch.

I think with the two of us constantly engaging each other, sleep was more difficult that if we had done it alone. In the past I've been able to sleep after 5 or 6 hours, but this time neither of us got to sleep for at least 13 hours. Overall this is a very good substance. To me it was a completely different experience with another person who had partaken than when it was just me doing it alone. In either case, it's not a profound experience. It's a powerful mind-altering agent, but it does not give you any great feelings of profundidy, paranoia or fear. It's very easygoing, playful and down to earth, but definately a very strong experience.

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