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50 Cent Beef...


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with Jada, Fat Joe and Nas! What do you guys think of his new song "Piggy Bank" where he goes after all of them? Flex played it last night and they all had quotes for 50 except Nas and they all say it's on....I don't mind some hot, new beef records :2guns:

Here are the lyrics and I think a link for the song (not sure if it will work):


Clickity clank, Clickity clank, the money goes into my piggy bank

Clickity clank, Clickity clank, the money goes into my piggy bank

Ill get at you, My knife cut your skin

Ill get at you, Blow shots at ur man

Ill get at you, tupac..dont pretend

Ill get at you, Ill put that to an end

That shit is old, dont be screaming get at me dog

Have you running for your life when im at ur bar

I get to waiven that semi like its legal

A lil nigga hurt his arm lettin off that eagle

You know me, black on black Bentley, big ol black 9

Ill clap ur puppy ass, ur black on black crime

Big ol chrome rims gleam, You know how I shine

Common man,....You know why I shine

Up in the hood, in a drop, teflon viynal top

Got a hundred guns a hundred clips, Y I dont hear no shots?

That fat nigga thought lean back was in da club

my shit sold 11 mill, his shit was a dud

Jada dont fuck wit me, if you wanna eat

Cuz ill do ur lil ass like Jay did mobb deep

Ya homie, in new york niggaz like ur vocals

But thats only new york dogg, ur ass is local


Clickity clank, Clickity clank, the money goes into my piggy bank

Clickity clank, Clickity clank, the money goes into my piggy bank

ye, yea yea get more money, more money (x3)

Banks shit sells, Bucks shit sells

Games shit sells, Im rich as hell

Shyne poppin off his mouth from a cell

He dont want it with me, he in D.C

I can have a nigga run up on him with a shank

For just a few pennies out my piggy bank

Yayo bring the cornavs, Im the wrong 2-0-3

Free bitch look like kim before surgery

Its an emergancy, Im micheal jackson see

The bitch even said she looks like me

Kelis said her milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

Then Nas went, and tatooed the bitch on his arm

Im in my way out in cali, niggaz know we cuz

First thing they say about you, is you a sucka for love

This is chest not chekers, these are warning shots

After your next move, Ill give you what I got


Ill get at you, Ill punch out your grill

Ill get at you, Let off that blue steal

Ill get at you, Nigga Im for real

Ill get at you, Get yo ass killed

(50 talking) Yea! yeaa hahaha, Yall niggaz gotta do somthing now man, or shoot all that shit yall been talking, you gotta do sumthin baby! I mean, I mean common man everybodys listening, Nigga everybody listening hahaha, I know you aint gon just let 50 do you like that, I mean damn rep yo hood nigga, Nigga you hard right? pop off, Yayo get ?? niggaz on the phone, tell them niggaz I said clip up, Niggaz gotta green light on these muthafuckaz haha


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cause jadakiss is hard as it gets?

jada is one of my favorite rappers.

his flow is redic and he is sick lyrically.

when rockafella mephbleek, etc went at him n the lox etc. he made them look silly.

im sure jadakiss would have shit to say about 50 n g-unit and how commercial they went bla bla.

i think it would be a sweet lyrical battle imo..

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im one of the few who dont think NAS beat Jay........

i think ether and super ugly are even.i am going to edit and say super ugly is better..i dont know why people dont feel super ugly..

"This nigga never sold asprin

how u escobar?

had to buy you're chain back tha last time u got robbed

the nerve of this coward nigga....(Oh My God)

and all rap rumors are induendo

I bring them to you live

lift up ya window

Let tha public begin to see your dirty laundry

ya'll dont want me to continue(Oh!)

Me and tha boy A.I. got more in Common than just ballin and rhymin

Get It?

More in Carmen

I came in ya Bentley backseat

skeeted in Jeep

left condoms in tha baby seat

(nas chick admits to fucking jay-z..cmon nas has like one good line in ether..."i rock hoes, you rock fellas?)

and TAKEOVER is that shit......

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and they all hang out as friends eating ice cream and shit...


50 was nice with How To Rob, Gun Runner, etc., but he dont have it like that anymore. You can hear it in his flow, he sounds totally different. I think Jada will get him, I think he can get anybody right now to tell you the truth.

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i think that when music historians look back at this period of music (1996 - present and god knows when it'll end) they'll think how ignorant and stupid we as consumers must've been. between southern rappers with absolutely no skills, and no creativity to the violent and fictitious beef stirred up by east coast rappers; this really is a pathetic time musically we live in. there's a few rays of light here and there; but mostly it's one big, very dark cloud. :gang:

ps- just when i thought g-unit was done for; they go out and get game and ressurects their crew. banks and young bucks sales were horrendous. i wish they would all develop what DMC got and lost their voices permanently so that we'd stop listening to them.

ehh who am i kidding?? some other low lives like the diplomats would just step in and fill their role. :splat:

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