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Well, I need a vacation from my vacation. But I basically slept all day today and tried to soothe my laryngitis, my ringing ears, and my bloody stumps of feet, so I can start trying to piece bits of my trip back together. Let's see what I remember...


* arrive at 10 AM and start drinking beers at the pool immediately.

* sushi at Sushi Samba (yummmmm!)

* Groovanauts party @ Fairwinds, including Joe Mama, Mike Swells and Groovefire, about 8 too many pina coladas, getting burned by jenny's cigarette, Cookie and 36 meeting DMX and being asked to be in his video, and lots of drunken fun.

* 80's Party @ Automatic Slim's -- Lee Burridge, James Zabiela, and Danny Howells were hanging out, playing original 80's tracks at a small bar. Lee was even taking requests! This party started things off right, and led to the awesome song "I Can't Wait" being the i-can't-get-this-outta-my-head-theme of the week.

* Deep party at State. Oh My God. This made me remember why I love house. Great crowd, amazing, happy vibe, and Mark Farina and Marques Wyatt ripping the deep, tecchy, sexy, soulful, funky, West Coast house grooves like you have never heard in your life. By 5 am, i started to contemplate moving to San Francisco...


* Poolside drinking and shenanigans all day. Groove telling people to take their shirts off.

* Checked out the GadgetLab @ the Raleigh where Hoska was working, then stayed for 4 hours more of that beautiful West Coast house outside by the pool where Ian Pooley, Justin Johnson and Ben Watts (of Everything but the Girl) were spinning. Everybody was dancing in the sand while the sun set and the full moon emerged. Amazing Vibe!!! Once again, had me thinking I need to move to Cali...

* Went to Tommy Lee's Rockbar, where Kelly Osbourne made a commotion, I met Tiga and the singer from DeeLite, and got to hear Tommy Sunshine drop Knoly and Hoska's tracks....and the room went nuts! Who knew hipster punk rockers could dance?

* Headed over to Crobar (got in free and avoided the mile-long line thanks to a friend with a Press Pass!) where Fatboy Slim rocked the joint for the last 2 hours of the night, despite sound problems and a last-minute venue change. So happy I got to hear him again... Fatboy is pretty much the reason I love house music.


* Sullivan Room Party @ Teasers. Lots of great music. Got to catch great sets by Groovefire, DJ Connie, and James Curd (Greenskeepers). Lots of Fun. Too many red bull n vodkas. So nice to meet female dj's who can RIS with the dirrrrrty tech-house.

* Boycotted the snobfest of a line at the Playboy Party @ Mynt (which BTW was broken up when P Diddy or whatever the fuck his name is now showed up and wanted to get on the mic while Chris Fortier was spinning!)

* Little Mountain Party @ Spin -- great space, tight sound, & amazing proggy beats by Sander K and Nic Fanculli (me and Jenny began arguing immediately over who gets to marry him). Highlight was a mix of "Mister Roboto" by Sander. So fuuny to watch hundreds of grown house-heads all attempting to do the Robot at the same time!


* Recruited some peeps to go to the Fairwinds to catch Mazi, Tripwire, Ian Pooley, and Garth. Drank sangria and beer and ate hamburgers and hot dogs all day for $20. Can't beat that with a stick! Dope beats, 10+ cups of sangria, and a very fun crowd apparently had me dancing while eating a hot dog (??). Multi-tasking at its very best! I had a lot of fun drinking and dancing with BP and the Providence peeps. Got starstruck when I realized that Mark Farina and Moby were in the house. Spilled drinks all over my white skirt.

* Changed and went to sushi at another joint where I had the best sushi and the worst service ever...prolly not helped by Flava'a drunken racial slurs to our waitress.

* Porterhouse at State. So much fun! Unbelieveable party. Eli had the main floor going nuts and Joe Mama played the best set I have ever heard from him. Porter played "Bust a Move" as his encore, which really topped the night off right.

* Drunken/Crackhead pool party late night at our hotel. Convinced everyone to put on swimsuits and bring whatever booze (and other stuff) they had down to our pool at like 6am. Stayed out there until maybe 9 or so, when the heat started getting to us and DJ Cookie's computer lost it juice so we had no more sik beats. Finally got a good sleep.


* Woke up in the afternoon and joined our poolside crew, who were mostly either hanging tough, or already so drunk they weren't noticing how hung over they were.

* Went for a pina colada and a walk to the beach with BP.

* Walked around and got a yummy meal at a cuban restaurant with BP, Phatty, Cookie, Stymie, NMN and a couple others. I had a beer, a salad, a huge, juicy steak, and a perfect Creme Brulee' for less than $30.

* Changed and headed over to Tantra. Played a couple rekkids and hurried over to Bed to see if I could get in to hear Burridge. I was nervous b/c the pre-sale tix had sold out weeks before. Luckily, I got there around 11 and the line moved quick, because I was in and dancing within 15 minutes! Met Luke Fair's best friend from Toronto. Said hello to Desyn. Saw a bunch of Boston, NYC and DC heads, including Eli, TeamJ5, Sara and Flava, who were all in agreement that the party was amazing. I was so happy to be there...place was beautiful and Lee was killing it for 6 hours straight! Everybody standing, jumping on beds (awesome opportunity, btw!) and hollering. My feet were killing me but I couldn't help but stay till the end of his set. Highlight was a tecchy mix of Digital Underground's "Doowhatchalike"! What a way to end the week.

What I Learned at WMC...

* Over-Crowded clubs suck even worse in humid, 80 degree weather.

* You can smuggle in liquor in a water bottle everywhere you go if you are a chick with a purse. (Fuck paying $15 for a dixie cup of vodka and red bull)

* People still overdose.

* I need to move to San Francisco.

* People will use you for your hotel room (sleeping, changing, storing shit, etc...) and apparently unless you ask for it, they just don't think to offer you any money. Oh well.

* I'm not the substance abuser I used to be... man did giving away a huge pile of, uhh, umm,... things... that we couldn't take home with us make me sad on Sunday morning!!

* Snobs are over-prevalent in Miami. I hate that shit. UGH. It's like, don't make fun of me cause I'm dancing and smiling like a monkey and sweaty...that's what I came here to do!

* It never ceases to amaze me how many people there are in this world that love house music. :heart:

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this is taking ALOT outta me just to type this.....I feel like I got wacked across the face w/ a shovel, and i feel like a foreign exchange student

BUT back to boris......I was a "NON BELIEVER" i have to give it up to BORIS, i am still golf clapping to the dark evil beats he dropped!!!!!

prob the best set i heard down in sobe?????, though my hearing was limited......

warehouse has to be the filthiest club down in sobe, the lights are just painful and the layout is just blah, BUT boris kept me there till the very end, i was a human sprinkler system and so were the people around me, BUT boris's set just kept us all there till the last minute.....if it werent for my one friend licking the walls and looking like a fool, i would have stayed till close


GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

id also like to give it up to the people i hung w/ in sobe, especially my brother and sister.....I HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!!

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ahahah....I actually ended up at that party for a couple of hours. That place Warehouse is mad grimey, right next to Space. They didn't open up the doors until 6:00am. I stayed till about 9:00 than ended up at Space for two hours. I think that was Thursday night into Friday morning.

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Always been a house lover.....Boris has opened my eyes to a new love. Flew in Thursday night walked into the Warehouse totally SOBER and no sleep at 6am after watching Mo Vaughn stumble in with his boys. Heard the music and couldn't stop moving. The music was incredible, lights kicked my ass.....didn't know which way was up, down or sideways. Thought for sure I would end up on my ass but luckiy never did. Now I understand all the Boris talk recently.

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* Boycotted the snobfest of a line at the Playboy Party @ Mynt (which BTW was broken up when P Diddy or whatever the fuck his name is now showed up and wanted to get on the mic while Chris Fortier was spinning!)

I wish you guys would have ended up waiting another 10 minutes...that was by far my best night there. The place was off the fucking hook with nothing but the hottest girls ever. I don't know who told you it was broken up cause that is not true at all. P Diddy was there but maybe got on stage for 5 or 10 minutes from what I could see and wasn't all that bad.

I had such an amazing time...the music was unbelievable from the minute I walked in with Porter spinning for about an hour. Than I believe Bad Boy Bill came on and at some point Felix the Housecat but I could be wrong.

Shout out to D:Fuse and Christine who are fucking hysterical...mad chill, had me in stitches all night. Todd, I'm a little upset we never hit up "DEUCE" at any other point in the trip...not bad for an old man! :laugh:

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Tues (The Calm Before the Storm) - Check in around 4pmish. Immediately high tail it two blocks to the closest hardware store. Proceed to get mangled in my hotel room. 45 minutes later I decide I have officially unwound from traveling and venture out to Fairwinds. Immediately left and returned to the room. 10ishpm to Automatic Slims for some 80's musak. Good times. Good musak. Good people. A jarizzle put a beating on Slymie. Head over to Harrison's with Groove and D:Fuse entourage. Me and some random guy who is affiliated with D:Fuse venture over to Opium Garden where a Scum Frog is killing it on the decks. Gourgeous club. Return to Harrisons to hear D:Fuse rockin it. Enter Kares. First time Ive heard the beauty spin. Very impressed as she kept up the momentum that D:Fuse had built. Left midway thru her set to rest up for the storm.

Weds (The Storm) - Poolside for a while. Walked next door to the Chus & Ceballos party @Townehouse. Ran into H/Swells/Alex and company. Laid there on the roof deck til mother nature decided to pee on us. C&C never made it on as the idiots decided to leave all the equipment out right up until the 1st rain drop. Its too bad b/c the roof deck @Townehouse is absolutely bad azzz. My friend Jocelyn checked in. Ventured out to see Lawler at 11pm. Run into Courtyard Marriott Troopers. Very unimpressed with State as a club. Place was filled with idiots. A/C sucked balls. Left just as Lawler took the decks. Arrived @Space with the Troopers at approx 1am. Main room was jammed. I said to myself here we go again. We carved out some room right in front of the dj booth. Amazing amazing performance by Morillo. This was the 3rd time I have seen EM and by far his best performance. Having an untrained muscial ear tracks were very good but it was his interaction with the crowd which got to me. You can tell he truly enjoys what he does. Grabbing and working the Space horn which is so synonymous with Miami. Proceed to see a friend who gives me a small cap. This coupled with a few scoops during the fog machine eventually led to my demise. Around 4-5am we move over to the terrace for Morillo part deux. The terrace is fuckin jammed. With my back failing and my knees aching I decide to check out at around 7am. Prob the biggest regret I have to date. I pop my head in @Tangerines only to find about 15 patrons. Evidentally they had to shut down for an hour or two. Just my luck. Feeling like a quadrapalegic with all extremities hurting I go back to the hotel.

Thurs (The Pinnacle) - Breakfast with kita and martin @News Cafe. Drinks @The Clevelander with Jocelyn, Eric, and party party party (who just arrived). BP69 arrives around 11pm and we immediately try to go to the clusterfuck also known as the Playboy Party featuring BBB & Sporter. When I see Pilkie get turned away I decide it is pointless to wait. We immediately change and head over to the Warehouse for Boris. We wait in line for what seemed an eternity as mother nature again decided to pee on us. All the time waitiing for a drum & bass show to get out. We are between metal barriers like cattle. Finally doors open. Boris played a filty set. Tons of BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS and drums. A dirtier rendition of his set @Crobar NYC. I decide to leave when is was apparent that I might be on the next episode of COPS. bad boy bad boy whatcha gonna do? whatcha gonna do when he comes for you........

Fri (Downhill) - Nikki Beach all day long! HOLY FUCK. We arrive around noon-1pm. Line is to the end of the parking lot but moves quickly thanks to Philfire letting us cut. With reasonable bottle minimums and prices we have aspirations on grabbing a canopy bed but they are all rented. We settle for a table that seats 10 people. Pete Tong and Radio One start their live broadcast. The place (which holds 4500 people) quickly fills up. The music is adequate. The table service sucked. Bathroom lines are 20-30 minutes. 3 or 4 bottles and 7 hours later people are dancing on tables, beds, on the grass everywhere. I have never traveled to Ibiza but I would imagine this is as close as it gets. Highlight was seeing So SUV dancing his drunkn ass off and seeing my Beantown friends Shiela and Veronica!!! Ooooooh bigger highlight was Jocelyn in a bright pink g-string all day!!!! Fri night we head to State. I was jaded by State with my Lawler experience. The upstairs is open. The room is very very crowded but not half as crowded as the previous night. I don't remember who was spinning in the main room at the time but I do remember seeing a mullett. I went to the back bar area where the a/c was cranking. The beats being dropped were dirty, harder baselines, border line tribal. Eh maybe not broder line tribal but def more progressive. i looked over to see who was behind the decks. It was no other than my chicken coup bretheren DJ Joe Mamma. I stayed for mammal's entire set and barely caught any of Porter's set. Hats off to Mama. Prob best set Ive heard from him ever. OR he just showed his versatility. Foxy Lady (I think??) stated it was very Roger Sanchezesque. After Mama wrapped it up I went back into the main room to hear an encore of Bust a Move by sporter. Party was a huge success.

Sat (The Agony of Defeat) - Earlier in the week I had plans to attend the JP pool party but I had changed my mind as my body was hurting. I wanted to go to the beach, do some shopping, and refuckinlax and charge the batteries. Friends Eric and party party party show up at my room. Wake me up and drag me to the pool party. Hoping and thinking that I had no chance to get in without a presale I jump in line. Awwwwwwwww shit I got in. We situate ouselves under the diving board. I have never seen so many D cups in my life. It was a slice of heaven yet i could never fully enjoy myself due to the pain in my back and knees. After 5 hours a 'situation' arose and I was able to escape the party. Back to the room and a relaxing dinner with Slymie, cookie, amanda, jenny, nmn, and bp69. We rolled the dice and found a hole in the wall italian restaurant bypassing fudruckers and its ostrich sandwich. Last evening there. A quiet night @Tantra where my house music roots had been firmly entrenched the year before with a trio of great guys known as Groovefire. I was in a somber mood as my body was mush. Early in the night I spent much of my time at different places throughout the lounge reliving my experience the year before. Outside, this is where I had a great convo with hostess Wynona Ryder. This is where I watched fellow AZN, DJ Ray Kang rip it up. This is where I watched the 3 DJ's mixing and trying to read the rekkids as they made me dizzy going round and round. D:Fuse had his cowboy hat on last year. Now he doesnt wear it any more. By nights end the 3 dj's had the crowd going banana's. GET RID OF THE FUCKING PERCUSSIONIST! He wasn't there the year before. The room was rockin as was D:FUSE. He kept the momentum.

Overall a great trip but I have to say not as good as last year. This was mainly due to me planning to see too many artists at too many venues running my body ragged. Having to stretch out your hamstrings before you walk to grab dinner is not a fun vacation. 5 nights in Miami is waaaaaaaaaaay too much for me.

The End

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I’ll try to keep this short and sweet. First off let me say a HUGE thank you to all of the Boston and Providence folks who showed up to our shows. There was so much going on @ WMC all the time, it means a lot to us how many of you ventured to hear us play at our various events. Pretty much every promoter/venue mentioned to me how impressed they were with the crowd we could bring. So thank you, not only for hanging and boozing with us, but for also making us look good.

Tuesday. Got to town around 3pm, checked in, and shot right over to the Fairwinds for the Groovanauts Party. Cool spot. Outdoors, very tropical and tiki vibe. Already a good turnout too. Mama and Swells were workin a sexy deep house vibe, and everyone was feeling it, despite the fact that there was no monitor. Oof. Hoska and I jumped on the decks afterwards. It was a blast. So many friends partying in the crowd. I only wish I had discovered the “free beer for the DJs†bar sooner. Or maybe not. Haha. After that, we hit Automatic Slims for Burridge and Howell’s ‘80’s night, which was hilarious and a blast. And I hugged James Zabiella and Danny Howells. Seemed like something I had to do at the time. From there, we went to Harrions to see DFuse and Kares play. They both rocked the place. Incredible WMC opening night.

Wednesday. Since I didn’t get home until noon, slept in for a few hours. Headed over to the Raleigh Hotel around 6ish and caught Justin Martin, who fucking KILLS. Def one of my new fav DJs. Ian Pooley played too. Solid pool party. After that, we hit the Hallucination Party at the Marlin. Really good music all night. Got so wasted. Somehow found my way to 6am and Tangerine for Plastic Sex. Damn you Joe Mama. Place was packed. Rockin. Hung there for awhile, then went back to the Marlin, then back to Tangerine. I should’ve just gone my room. And I don’t know when or how I finally did, but thankfully woke up there.

Thursday. Again, having stayed out so long, the afternoon ceased to exist. Headed over to Teasers for the Sullivan Room party. We played in the downstairs lounge. The booth was a piece of shit, and every DJ who played before us bitched and complained. I can’t blame them. We made the most of it, had all the chicks in the GF t’s, what more can you ask for. Hung out for a little while after our set. Then left...without my record bag. Oof. Thank fucking God Paul Dailey was there, I called him and he grabbed it for me. Then onto the nightmare that was the Playboy Party. Now mind you, we are on the list, and comp’d, they even admitted to that. But noooooooo, they make us wait for an hour anyway, and then they tried to charge us $40 each to come in (the flyer says it’s $20). Fuck that, ain’t dealin with it. We’re also squared over at Spin for the Little Mountain party, so we head over there, good call. They let in our whole group (10 people) for free. That party ROCKED. The best new music I heard all conference was there. Things always happen for a reason.

Friday. Nikki muthfucking Beach all day. Pete Tong played some serious bombs. Me and Flava put on a sick gun show. I drank way too much considering I had to DJ later that night. But bottomline, Nikki Beach rules. Nighttime brought the highly anticipated PORTERHOUSE. And it delivered. We warmed the night up in the sideroom, and god damn we had a lot of heads in there. Eli and Porter fucking destroyed the main room. By night’s end, Porterhouse did 1700 through the door. Not bad for a bunch Boston goofs.

Saturday. Woke up feeling great and pumped that all the parties had gone so well, and looking forward to our Tantra party later that night. Hit Jerry’s Deli Diner for a much needed hungover lunch. Ordered a burger and fries. Took 3 bites, uh oh, don’t feel so good. Within 2 hours I’m keeled over with stomach pains. Violent throwing up soon followed. I was in a cold sweat and my whole body was shaking uncontrollably. Fucking food poisoning. Great. Tried to rally because tonight was my night to run at Tantra. I got through it somehow, miserably. As for the party itself, things started off weird. Tantra serves dinner until 10, but for some reason people kept eating until close to midnight, so they couldn’t convert over until late. Then some uninvited percussionist starts wailing away. And atop all that, not a lot of people had showed up by midnight. So started to worry. But by 1am, the dinner crowd was gone, the club was converted over, the percussionist was done, and the place FILLED UP BIGTIME. We played until close to 2. Hoska and Phil really both killed like I’ve never seen them kill. I was so impressed and glad to be on their team. DFuse REALLY killed, it was his best set of the conference. Then Kai came on around 4:10 and even killed it more. I promise you, at 5:30am, no venue in Miami had a better vibe than we did. Simply not possible. It was truly a special night and the perfect finish to an insane week.

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