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yeah, its a cool movie to get high to...so's party monster...

a few weeks ago, someone put on freaking requiem for a dream on a saturday night with a whole group of ppl...totally killed the mood...its a good movie, but so depressing

OMG !!! fuckin awesome movie but the fuckin absess shit made me so ill

I never got one but I got high with this girl who had two on her hand..the smell was sooooo bad!!!!!! :vomit3:

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I used to be terrified of needles..I got over that real quick when I realized how much more satisfying shooting drugs was...but I never understood how someone can keep shooting in the same spot...augh..my ex got an absess and it was gross....I freaked on him...then this girl in detox had one..she had a bandage on that was all bloody..she took it off and left the bloody gauze on my table..and she was HIV postive...whoa...disinfected everything

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^^ omg, that reminds me of my poor friend rob, he got into that shit,

, he started doing it only on the weekends, for a long time(before i met him)

he got so bad in like 3 months,

first he swore hed never do that shit in front of me..

then he swore hed never use a needle..

then he started selling to keep his habit up, but that was horrible cause now he had soo much more ..

by the end of the summer he was doing it everyday

honestley.. i couldn't tell you if he was still alive,

i get really sad when i think about it, he was such a sweet guy

how did you stop? did you volunartily go to rehab, did you get sent by the courts? how long have you been clean? do you still get tempted? how bad was your habit?

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so many questions!....I've stopped many times but the longest time clean was 14 months...I went to jail and rehab but it never stopped me. I finally had made the decision to stop for myself. I recently relapsed cause I gave in to temptation. My habit at it's worst was 10-15 bags a day..all IV

then I started adding crack to the mixture and it got real crazy..whoa

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