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i did some last july...i think an 1/8 was $40..

i ate half of it...

its a trip....if you are not mentally okay, i wouldnt do it...i was crying..and im a happy person..i cried for 3 hours..but i was laughing and having fun...

good time

cant get it up

cant sleep for a long time after the trip...

taste like shit, cause their grown in shit

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regarless of eating..ur stomach gets very gassy...

i was farting and burping like no other..so hot i know

plus times goes so slow..15 minutes feels like 4 hours

yep, gas is an issue. but, i meant cramping with regard to food.

i had bad cramping twice. which i, maybe incorrectly, attributed to eating the shrooms once in food and once right after dinner. idk, maybe they just weren't very fresh, they had a long journey before i got them.

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it's pretty rare to have a bad trip but if you are naturally mentally unbalanced it might happen. It is a very smooth trip...the caps give you more hallucinations..the stems are more speedy. It tends to be a more enjoyable trip if you do them outdoors...that's my experience and I've eaten ALOT of shrooms in my time

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