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how different do pussies taste?


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I havent masterbated in a moments either.. o you said months.. poor u..

Well here's the thing, it's that I have been SO fucking busy, I can't even tell you so much going on in life right now. But also, I have sex with my sig. other about 3-4 times a week, so it's not like I'm totally sex starved either. But thinking about it gives me the idea, I don't have to be at work too early tomorrow... :shades2:

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I just don't like it when they have that nasty white gooey mucasy substance oozing out. Looks like a huge slimey booger. I've seen that shit shoot out of a girl across the bed. Girl was like "eat me". I was like "Hell no".

.... :laugh:.. you are a funny cat..... and those two virgin clowns you had hiding in the closet did not understand that the coochie reeked.... given the opportunity, they would have hit it..... :laugh:

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There was a girl i was interested in at the Fordham university homecoming and i was asking my boy about her

right away he named himself and 3 other dudes that got with her, and all he had to say was her pussy was the RANKEST, DANKEST smelling thing he'd ever encountered :yuck:

complete turn off :no:

which is why i take my time to find a girl who's not a slut so her pusswah smells like dandelions :D

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just wondering...

how different/alike do different pussies taste? from girl to girl, how much does the flavor vary? inquiring minds wanna know...

the expression "you are what you eat" is absolutely true here... and girls of different ethnic backgrounds taste different to an extent depending on their diet... but most girls i know only eat salad, and ice cubes so for the most part theyve tasted the same but the others that ive been with that have exotic foods in their diets tasted different... not in a bad way or unpleasant way just different... hygeine also plays an important part...

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