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GrooveWilkie @ Felt Friday

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The 2005 Scion Emerging Artist Tour hits Boston this Friday night for the first of four area shows. This one features Groovefire and Eli Wilkie dropping funky party house music jams all night long on Felt's first floor. There's no cover, so there's no excuse.

Friday, April 22nd

@ Felt

533 Washington Street, Boston

10pm - 2am

21 plus

For questions, email me @ [email protected].

The Emerging Artists Music Tour is a celebration of indie rock and house music with 36 performances from May through October in 2005 throughout the U.S. The Emerging Artists Tour showcases local, independent, mid-level, and headlining acts.

The 2005 Emerging Artists Tour will tour the country from April through October at music venues in New York, Boston, San Francisco and Denver.





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Tomorrow at Felt I'm playing an acoustic 12-string for a change, come get some TWANG with me and the Grooviebunch!

04/22: Felt - Boston w/ Groovefire

04/28: Reversible Thursdays @ Vertigo

05/07: Therapy - Providence, RI w/ Bons & Joe Mama

05/13: Vunk @ Footwork - Toronto, ON Canada

05/19: Reversible Thursdays @ Vertigo

05/21: Andalu - DC w/ Groovefire

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I know this forum is used to post views and comments about clubs and music but after reading what you wrote about me I know you are doing nothing but starting trouble. How dare you post on this board blatant lies about someone that is very dear to me. What kind of a person are you? To make comments on this board about how good or bad of a dj

I am fine. To post personal and vindictive comments and to make up stories is unacceptable. It’s obvious that you have something personal against me judging by all the posts that you have on this board. It’s also very obvious that you are someone that is right under my nose but is too much of a coward to reveal yourself. Instead, you hide behind a computer and flex your keyboard muscles. Just so everyone can see what an asshole you really are I’ll let the truth be told. First, Eddie Baez is one of my closest friends in the industry and that is the main reason why I went to hear him at Metro. I’m not only of fan of his music but also of his character and heart. He happens to be one of the most generous people that I have ever met. He would bend over backwards for his friends and I would do the same for him. Eddie and I are very close and everyone in our circle of friends is well aware of this and knows that I would never make negative comments about him and his spinning. Now for you to come on this board and make the comments that you made on this board makes you lowest scum on this earth. I really wish you would reveal yourself to me so I can spit in your face. It’s really pathetic that this message board has as much legitimacy as the National Enquirer do to fools like you. This site was created for the purpose of spreading the love of dance music throughout New York and the rest of the world. It’s unfortunate that people like you have to taint something that is so pure. You are a fool and I loathe you and your kind.

Denny Tsettos

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