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SAT Night livestream 10pm-6am :: PHILADELPHIA

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Cellar and all future events at Halcyon will be streamed on www.livesets.com in real time

[sAT10pm till SUN6am EST]


* last month's audio recording of echoplex :

http://funkshun.us/audio/funkshun_events/rizumu/[email protected]_rizumu-philadelphia.mp3

Gene Lefosse [Convolute / Counterbalance / Cocoon : NYC]

If you remember Program 2 then you know what Gene (Gennaro) LeFosse is all about. Gene has been in the techno scene since techno first emerged in New York in the early 90Тs. As program 2 he produced club anthems like УDominatorФ, УThe OmenФ and УTwisterФ. At this time he was signed to Vortex Records and was a resident performer at Limelight (NYC), when Jeff Mills was a resident DJ. Gene remixed legendary groups like Yello, Orbital and Human Resource.

In 1992 Gene was signed to major label Sire Records/Warner Bros. and released the album УRobotixФ. The next few years Gene was busy working on all different types of electronic music. He also started DJing again. In 1998 his Djing picked up. He spent most of 1998 and 1999 spinning in Europe. He traveled to Love Parade in Germany, the Vision Party in the Swiss Alps and Techno Parade in France. His set is combination of funky grooves and tribal techno. He has spun along side Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Adam Byer, Dave Clark, Misstress Barbara and Oliver Ho.

In 2000 Gene started his own label, Convolute Recordings. His first three releases УSpank MeФ, УNight WalkerФ and "Peyote which were all supported and played by Danny Tenaglia, Sven Vath and Jeff Mills.

In 2001 Gene received a call from Sven Vath approving the release of Gene's remix of Strahlemann Sohne. He also has releases on Tension Records, and has released an E.P on SurgeonТs record label Counter Balance, UK, and an E.P on Laurent HoТs UWE record labels.

His music has been used for various licensing deals with MTV and other media projects. The most challenging project Gene has undertaken is the remix of Jennifer Lopez's song "Play" and JamiroquaiТs "You Give Me Something". Although Gene mainly produces techno, he is able to take "commercial" sounding tracks and give them his own flavor.

Currently Gene is waiting on the vocal tracks from Tori Amos, for her next single release on Sony Music.

Richard Hinge [Conrail / Hidden Adgenda : NJ]

Richard Hinge: City Paper Writeup 2004-01-29

Richard Hinge owner of Conrail Records has been part of the techno

movent since the late 80's. Influenced by such bands as Skinny Puppy

and Ministry, Conrail takes form on a darker note. He also has

releases on Hidden Agenda NYC, Remains, and Disko B (Germany). In the

mid 90's Richard formed a live techno act named PRO-JECT along with

AURA and later added member LOKI .Only a lucky few got a chance to

wittness PRO-JECT. It was later defunked after a short time so each

member could pursue his own musical challenges. He has played at world

renowned clubs such as Limelight, Paladium, Tunnel and Ultraschall

Germany. Busy at work, Richard has now set his sights on his lable

Conrail. On the never ending quest for the perfect techno 12" he plans

on future releases with NYC producers THE GENIE , Dietrich

Schoenemann and Function.

Full Circle [Tech-Support : Philly]

Nick Cosmo[Eye Dont Know : Philly]

O-Dub [Tech-Support : Philly]

Suburban Lab[Atari Safari : NJ / Mass]








Gene Lefosse Interview:

Q - Hi Gene, tell us about how you first got into electronic music, and what it was about the music during that time that pulled you into the scene.

A- Electronic music has always been a huge inspiration to me, from early Brian Eno, Depeche Mode, and Kraftwork to the electronic sounds of Giorgio Moroder. It has always been my music of choice. So I'd say years of all that influence made me want to become a part of the scene in my own way.


Q- Describe the atmosphere at Limelight (renamed Avalon in 2003), back in the early тАШ90s, when you were resident DJ alongside Jeff Mills. What has your involvement been with Limelight throughout the years?

A-The atmosphere at Limelight (тАШ90-тАШ93) was probably the best ever in NYC. To this day I still tell people that Friday night (Future Shock) at Limelight was an amazing experience: 3000 + people every Friday night going crazy for Techno music! Plus it was all taking place in a church, which by itself can set an eerie atmosphere. Jeff Mills had a monthly residency, and I performed live as Program 2. The scene in NYC was something I'll never forget.


Q- Tell us about your record label, its mission, and the challenges you face with it.

A- My mission with Convolute began with a concept always to make something Twisted, a bit different from the normтАФwhich is also how the name was created. My label has had so much support from so many DJs across the globe: Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Jeff Mills, to Danny Tenaglia тАж the list goes on from house to techno DJs. Some of the challenges are actually the big problems with free downloads and MP3s. Record sales have dwindled more and more over the last three years. Hopefully the digital download can be in more secure and profitable place in the near future.


Q- Where do you draw your inspiration, and what is it you intend to communicate through your production and DJ sets?

A- My inspiration comes from a number of different places. The biggest is probably playing for a great crowd where you can play anything you want. When I come back from playing Europe is the best time to get back in the studio. You can take all that inspiration and bring in out in your production.


Q- What do you have in your studio, and what is your primary interface today?

A- My studio has a number of rack-mountable synths and older keyboards, that was how I started making music through the world of MIDI . These days I am 100% computer-based, maybe turning on the older analogue stuff to make a sound, then bringing it up in the computer. My main Interface is Ableton Live 4.1 with Operator and a bunch of soft synths & plug-ins. I also use Reason 3.0


Q- Where have you toured recently? Also highlight one particular evening.

A- I just played in Spain and Switzerland , three really cool gigs. There are so many gigs that I can call amazing. But I'd have to say that playing on a truck at Love Parade for over one million people would have to be my highlight.


Q-Can you describe your interpretation of the current underground in New York and what you would like to see different?

A-The current underground in NY is very slim to none. I give the few promoters and organizers that still try a lot of credit. I don't know if the promotion is where it's lacking, or the people in general just don't understand the music. Who knows? I would really like to see someone with the heart and patienceтАФ but smartтАФtry and build a scene small and work it from there. I know that sounds very hard, and it is, but someone can do it!


Q- What would you say to a Philadelphia reader who is deciding to come to the event you are performing?

A- If you're ready to get lose and wanna hear some records you never heard before тАж Come down and get busy. тАШCause I plan on it!

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