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Ultimate Loft Party

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Okay...I just thought of a brilliant idea. Just read this post all the way through before I get totally shot down lol...what if we were to organize a bunch of ppl and get a loft for like $2000 a month? We could get 18-20 ppl to chip in maybe a hundred bucks a month, and we can throw the most awesome afterhours house parties every single week....everybody could get a copy of the key so if you're in the city and you need a place to crash, you could always go to the loft. There won't be beds or anything though...its not to live in, just to party in. There will be a lot of couches and stuff. My bf has DJ equipment that we could set up so there could be like a rotating DJ every weekend..you can bring your own alcohol and there will be no cops or narcs around so you can do whatever you want and just be chill...we'll just play some awesome music and everyone can bring their friends after they go clubbing and have no money left but still want something to do afterhours...I love going to clubs, but I miss those really awesome house parties, and I miss having a crazy time where you can feel comfortable enough to do anything. I think this might be a really awesome idea...I already have four or five ppl who might want to go through with this...would anybody else like to be a part of this?

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