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New & Notable Releases for 25 April-1 May 2005

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The following titles have been received at American wholesalers over the past week and should be available at your favorite specialist retailer this week.

Soundsamples for most of the following tracks may be found at our website www.rezrec.com

Bootlegs & Acapellas

Earth Wind & Fire “Let’s Groove Tonight 2005†White ENG 12 – Tricknology mix, TRIX008 in a funky, jumpy almost retro breakdance-influenced production with the vocals worked into the production effortlessly. Flipside is a similart-styled rework of EWF’s “Operator.â€

Missy Elliot “I’m Really Hot 2005†White USA 12 – Hook Up Tunes remix in a solid disco-tinged house style with the original rap worked into the production, Catalog # is 1A, on the flip are similar-styled reworks of Puff Daddy and Brandy (we think).

Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax 2005†White GER 12 - Hisjam now take on FGTH's 80s Anthem after their rework of Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams.†Vocal samples from the track (both lyrics and chrous) integrated into a driving, energetic mid-130s tech house production with the original synth worked very nicely into the producion. Circulates as HISJAM002.

James “Come Home 2005†White ENG 12 – WHOREPROMO4, Hoxton Whores mix, dark brooding house production with a chunky deep, driving progressive edge.

The Jets “Cross My Broken Heart 2005†White GER 12 – circulates as STRIKE001, NIghtstrikers rework this old mid-80s pop track with hooks from the original vocal integrated a bumpy house production. Three other tracks sampling hooks from classic disco-era productions also included.

Howard Jones “Things Can Only Get Better 2005†White ITA 12 – test pressing from Rise of new 2005 house rewokings of this old 80s classic, with hooks of the Jones’ vocal looped into a driving techy-disco production. Very summertime in feel.

Ralphi Rosario “You Used To Hold Me 2005†White USA 12 – DJ Sativa mix in a seductive, disco-tinged garage vocal style with the full vocal on one side and a dub on the other. Excellent bootleg of a classic track for those who like to play low-mid 120s house. Catalog number is KB009

Jon Secada “Just Another Day 2005†White USA 12 - samples of the original vocal worked into George Acosta's trademark bigroom trance production style. Flipside features a remix by Germany's DJ Wag in a similar trance style and a breakbeat reworking by NE1. Circulates as MM02.

Donna Summer “This Time I Know It’s For Real 2005†White FRA 12 –DISCOBALL005, Donna’s 1989 pop hit gets the chunky energetic house rework as hooks of the vocal and chorus are blended with a driving house production.

Justin Timberlake “Senorita 2005†White USa 12 – Hook Up Tunes mix in a funky disco-tinged garage house style with full vocal, catalog number is 2A, flipside includes similar style reworks of Missy Elliot “Get Your Freak On†and a Kanye West track.

Tomcraft vs Happy Clappers “I Believe In Loneliness†White ENG 12 – 36ST, piano-driven disco-tinged house instrumentation from Happy Clappers "I Believe" is paired with the hooks of the vocal from Tomcraft's hit "Loneliness" (which was itself sampled from Andrea Martin's classic "Share The Love"). On the flip is a funky house reworking of Static Revenger's "Happy People".

Various “Salsoul Acapellas 1†Salsoul ENG 2xLP – collection of classic acapellas from Salsoul’s back catalog in full length form for many, including First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder" (Original Acappella Version/ Loleatta Holloway - "Love Sensation" (Original Acappella Version)/ Candido - "Dancin And Prancin" (Original Acappella Version/ Inner Life - "I Like It Like That" (Original Acappella Version)/ Inner Life - "I Like It Like That" (Original Background Vocals Acappella)/ Loleatta Holloway - "Dreamin " (Original Acappella Version/ Loleatta Holloway - "Dreamin " (Original Background Vocals Acappella/ First Choice - "Double Cross" (Original Acappella Version/ First Choice - "Double Cross" (Original Background Vocals Acappella/ Loleatta Holloway - "Hit & Run" (Original Acappella Version).


Aaron Arce “LA Transit†Sublevel USA 12 – Chunky, funky disco-tinged houser with a warm, seductive female vocal and steady, chuggy rhythm lines. Includes a dub version on the flip.

Black Rock f/Debra Andrew “Blue Water†Positiva ENG 12 Part 1 and Part 2 – latest from the Positiva empire is this uplifting summery vocal houser with a bouncy, singalong female vocal over light, breezy disco-tinged synth lines. Disc 1 also features a remix by Ernesto & Bastian in a dark progressive-trance fusion style and the dub version of the remix by the Lovefreekz. Disc two features the Lovefreekz vocal mix, darker and chunkier in feel but preserving the beautiful vocal intact, and a dub from We Deliver.

Destiny’s Child “Girl†Columbia ENG 12 – Maurice Joshua providing the one house commercially released house mix on the latest single from the fabulous trio. Solid mid-tempo house production that captures the sassy fun of the vocals perfectly.

DJ Sammy “Why†Data ENG 12 Promo Part 2 – UK-only Phunk Investigation mixes being released promotionally by Data of this cover of one of Annie Lennox’ shining moments. Rich orchestration and steady rhythms complement the vocal exquisitely for those looking for a more purely house construction of the track. Also includes a chunkier dub version on the flip.

Vivian Green “Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired)†Columbia USA 12 – 12" only for now, the new single from the vocalist whose "Emotional Rollercoaster" was one of the top tracks of 2003. Side 1 features a massive circuit house remix by Junior Vasquez, while side two features a funky rework from Morel. Both feature Ms. Green's stellar vocals.

Granite & Phunk “My Heart†Big Love ENG 12 – Seductive disco house production from the Big Love imprint with a hooky female vocal over chunky retro-influenced house orchestrations. Remix on the flip by Seamus Haji thickens the production style and adds a touch of techiness to the mix.

Ignition Technicial “Work It 2005†Notorious North GER 12 – Update on this massive tech house monster from a couple years back. Energetic bigroom tech houser with hooky spoken vocal samples worked into the funky driving rhythm orchestrations. Remixes come from Mistress Barbara and Hertz.

Davidson Ospina “Imagine Music†Sound Division ITA 12 – Stunning garage cut from one of the masters of the genre with a seductive female vocal over smooth, flowing live and synth house melodies and shuffy rhythm lines. On the flip is a chunkier Funky mix.

Ruffneck f/Yavahn “Everybody Be Somebody 2005†Fame BNX 12 – Mischa Daniels taking a classic 90s house track and updating it for the new millennium here. Two mixes, one a festive Latin-inspired rework with congas ablaze, the other a techy discohouse interpretation, both using those famous vocals. Also includes the long deleted original version.

Smokin Jo “Nasty Dirty Sexy Music†Brickhouse GER 12 – Dark, gritty electro-inflused house production with a hooky spoken vocal sample and warbly basslines blending with the minimalist techy house orchestration. Three mixes in total, all perfect for the floors that like their tech house deep and gritty.

Jody Vukas “Pleasure†Grooveman USA 12 – Dark driving tribal houser in the 69 vein with deep spoken male vocal hooks, pounding rhythm lines and deep synth swells with hooky synth jabs to counterbalance. Two mixes both perfect for the bigrooms that like the drums.

Trance & Progressive

ATB “Believe In Me†Kontor GER 12 – Andre returns with a stunning new single that rides the line between seductive summery house and deeper trance, with a hauntingly beautiful male vocal over light, breezy orchestration perfect for summery evenings. Remix on the flip by A&T adds more energy to the production but preserves the beauty of the vocal.

Clokx “Feelings†Liquid BNX 12 – Massive new instrumental production with waves of energetic melodies intricately orchestrateted into dramatic breakdowns and uplifiting builds, all supported by solid rhythm lines. Pick of the Dutch crop this week, very well produced release.

DuMonde vs Judge Jules “What’s In Your Head†Fate GER 12 – Legendary German trance producers followup their massive reworking of the New Order classic “Blue Monday†with this collaboration with one of the legends of the UK dance scene. Big, expansive production with a touch of a hard dance edge and hooky spoken vocal samples worked into the production. Massive reworking by Michael Parsberg on the flip.

Leandro Gamez “Body Shaker†and “Oaxaca†Intec ENG 12– Riding the line between melodic Detroit-style techno and progressive house, this latest release by Leandro Games comes in two part. Disc 1 features the tracks “Body Shaker†and “Landazera,†while disc 2 features “Oaxaca†and “Limboâ€.

New & Notable Releases for 18-24 April 2005

Bootlegs & Acapellas

Black Box “Everybody Everybody 2005†White ENG 12 – DGT01, chorus from this classic looped over a smooth, seductive piano-infused house line. Flipside “Keep Dancing†uses an old disco hook as the focus of the production.

Mariah Carey “It’s Like That†White ENG 12 Bootleg – SPB001, funky mid-120s disco-tinged garage reworking by Martin Ikin, includes both full vocal and dub versions. Very tight production that suits the vocal nicely.

Michael Jackson "Say Say Say 2005" White FRA 12 - Funky People take hooks from Michael Jackson's vocal in his duet with Paul McCartney are given a chunky Eric Prydz-influenced reworking on this French bootleg. Energetic production that may come out as a commercial release later this year. UPDATE005.

Kelis “In Public 2005†White ENG 12 – EP02, rework of the sultry Kelis vocal in a funky chunky minimal house style. Flipside features a reworking of Armand van Helden’s “Funk Phenomenon†and a rework of the Beastie Boys.

Kings Of Tomorrow vs Rune “Finally In Calabria†White ENG 12 – CC003, the seductive vocal from Kings Of Tomorrow over the chunky elector. On the flip is NERD “She Wants To Move†vocal over the instrumentation of Jungle Brothers “I’ll House You†in a chunky, funky house style.

John Legend “Oridinary People 2005†White ENG 12 – BFF001, smooth garage vocal house reinterpretation with warm house synth orchestrations, shuffly rhythms and a soulful male vocal.

Midnight Star “No Parking On The Dancefloor 2005†White USA 12 – Remix by Q-Burns Abstract Message with the full original vocal and full instrumenations reworked with a funky bassline. CD06.

Snoop Dogg f/Pharrell “Let’s Get Blown 2005†White ENG 12 – HEADZ007, smooth garage mix by Dirt Diggers with full vocal and dub versions.

Justin Timberlake “Rock Your Body 2005†White ENG 12 – chunky well-produced house remix with full vocal of this big radio hit from JT, flipside is a similar-styled reworking of Martine Giraul “Revival.†DERIG04.

Toto “Stop Loving You 2005†White FRA 12 – Hooks from the chorus worked into an energetic Prydz-esque house orchestration, with the mixes coming from Justin Case and Playmaker. Circulates as COP4.


Various “Illegal Loops 4†White GER LP – a collection of several dozen loops from famous 70s, 80s and 90s tracks.

Martha Wash vs Praise Cats "Shine The Light" White ENG 12 - DMA24, Stefan Levan takes the vocal from Martha Wash's "Catch The Light" placed over the piano line from Praise Cats "Shine On Me." Flipside takes the instrumentation from Soul Central "Strings Of Life" and lays over the vocal from Afrika Bambaataa “Planet Rock.â€


Bodyrockers “I Lkie The Way†Mercury ENG 12 – More of the rock-influenced tech house style here with this release featuring a male vocal and some massive reworks by Junior Jack, Tom Neville and Linus Loves that play off the original version’s guitar-heavy indie rock feel. Already topping many UK buzz charts.

Casanovy “I Need Your Lovin†Milk & Sugar GER 12 – Another rendition of this classic club vocal as the Milk & Sugar label gives it their signature house interpretation. Solid vocal performance and summery orchestrations abound.

Copyright “Time†Defected ENG 12 – Cracking the 100 release mark (this one is #101, apparently they have something special planned for 100, as rightly they should) Defected release this sleek, seductive garage-infused vocal cut. Stellar remix from Jon Cutler in his trademark funky house style.

Daft Punk “Robot Rock†Astralwerks USA 12 – Lead single from the latest album by the pioneering French producers, this track shows them at their electrotech finest with dark, slightly acidic synth lines and hooky robotic vocal samples blended to perfection. Already rising up the Billboard Club Play Chart, and definitely not a rehash of their classic French discohouse sound.

Gabriele D’Andrea & Andy Funk “Rock The World†Zerovolume ITA 12 – E-Smoove and Mauro MBS on the mix for this pluckish rock-tinged tech house production from Italy, with E-Smoove giving the track a dark, funky feel and Mauro MBS going for the brighter Italian tech house sound.

DJs @ Work “Your Love†Kontor GER 12 – Outfield’s mid-80s classic “Your Love†gets the Teutonic tech house rework from an act better known for their uplifting bigroom trance orchestrations. This time however they follow in the Vinylshakers-Royal Gigolos path of reworking old classics for the floors today. Three different interpretations, with one mix more vocal heavy, while another goes for a more aggressive techy orchestration and minimizes the vocal.

Joachim Garraud “Acid Beat†Fuck Me I’m Famous FRA 12 – Fourth release from David Guetta’s imprint is an aggressive bigroom tech-house monster with waves of acidic synth over driving rhythm lines and some hooky spoken vocal samples worked into the production. Two mixes, neither for the faint of heart.

Barry Gilbey “Chunka Funk†Choo Choo ENG 12 – Dark, driving progressive-tinged tech house monster from the Choo Choo label with aggressive chunky rhythm lines and slightly acidic, hooky synth lines blended perfectly. Very much for the rooms that like a dark, gritty house sound.

Luis Radio f/Mijan “Because Of You†Equal ITA 12 – Seductive mid-tempo house cut with a warm, seductive vocal from Mijan over flowing rhythm lines and smooth synth orchestrations, with a strong garage feel. Remix on the flip reworks the track for larger floors adding more punch to the rhythm and a bit of electrotech to the synthwork.

Public DJ “Keep On†Loud Bit ITA 12 – samples of Musique’s classic “Keep On Jumpin†given the energetic tech-meets-disco interpretation on this new Italian release. Hooks of the original vocal surrounded by driving rhythm lines and energeic synth lines.

Raw Deal “He Gives More†Waako USA 12 P art 2 – Finbar Maasi and Rick Corbo supply the second set of mixes on this massive circuit single featuring the powerful vocals of Toni Ann Bardell. Both mixes are dark, driving productions with the Finbar mix a touch on the progressive end, while Corbo’s is tough and chunky in sound.

Squat 84 “Say No†Azuli ENG 12 – Scumfrog on the mix here for this dark, tech tinged monster that was one of the highlights of the recent Miami sampler. Chunky dark rhythm lines and deep driving synthwork in that characteristic Scumfrog sound pair nicely with the track’s male vocal. Klonhertz mix on the flip is techier in feel.

Trance & Progressive

Classified Project “Starlight Chaser†Mondo ENG 12 – Gorgeous UK instrumental production with a seductive chuggy rhythm line and light, uplifting waves of melodic synthworks intricately composed over it. Remix from Agnelli & Nelson thickens the rhythm lines and brightens the melodies further.

Rick Pier O’Neil “It’s Dangerous†Garbage FRA 12 – Continuing his exploration of the boundary where progressive and tribal meet, Rick Pier O’Neil’s latest release feature three different interpretations on this track with dark driving rhythm lines balanced by sweeping spacious synth swells.

Van Gelderen “Between Us†Somatic Sense BNX 12 – Pick of the Dutch instrumental trance productions this week with uplifting melodic orchestrations, dramatic breakdowns and driving rhythm lines all balanced into perfect equilibrium

New & Notable Releases for 11-17 April 2005

Bootlegs & Acapellas

The Goodmen “Give It Up 2005†White ENG 12 – 19AVE, chunky, slightly progressive reworking with the famous vocal “Give It Up Girl†worked into the production. Flipside is a summery discohouse reworking of Lil Louis “Club Lonely†pefect for the upcoming beach party season.

The Killers “Somebody Told Me 2005†White ENG 12 – KILLERS001, progressive breaks reworking of this big radio hit with hooks of the chours and samples from the guitar lines worked into the production.

Kylie Minogue vs Tiefschwarz “Kylie Issst†White GER 12 - vocal hooks from a Kylie track (we can’t place which one) woven into the recent single from Tiefschwarz. CHAV01.

Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit 2005†White ENG 12 – NIR002, Dirty Funker reworking based around the guitar riffs and vocal chant of the original track over a driving rhythm line.

Prince “I Wanna Be Your Lover 2005†White ENG 12 – circulates as SHAKA1, midtempo disco house reworking of this old Prince classic with hooks of the vocals worked into the production.

Dave Stewart “Maybe Your Heart 2005†White GER 12 – HOS001, hooks of the vocal and original synth lines worked in a driving tech house style, somewhere between Eric Prydz and Junior Jack in sound.

Candi Staton vs Alegria “You Got The Nada†White ENG 12 – circulates as WEGOT001, Candi Staton’s vocal over the Latin House instrumentation of Alegria. Includes a full vocal and a dub version.


Inaya Day “Lift It Up†Tommy Boy USA 12 Part 1 – One of three new releases from Tommy Boy this week, here we have La Inaya giving a sassy vocal performance over a Latin-infused circuit production with mixes coming from Mike Cruz vs Francois and DJ Paul & Jamie Sanchez. A track that definitely hints at the approach of pride season.

DJ Simon “Disco Funk†Tambour ITA 12 – Chunky tech-tinged Italian house production with hooky chants and dark spoken male vocal samples worked into the energetic synth and rhythm lines. Includes a dubbier version on the flip.

Dr Alban “Sing Hallelujah 2005†MODA ITA 12 – Gianni Coletti reworking this 1993 popdance hit into a funky, festive italodisco production with hooks of the original vocal and synthwork integrated into the production. Two mixes.

Jean Elan vs Andrew McCensit “SOS (Fire In The Sky)†White GER 12 – Old 80s pop track reworked into a bouncy disco-tinged production with hooky vocal samples over festive synth and rhythm orchestrations, perfect for the upcoming summer season. Three mixes.

Barry Garcia “Dancing King†Rise ITA 12 – samples of Abba’s “Dancing Queen†are reworked, cut up and energized a la Prydz in this festive release from Italy. Effective reworking of a classic track that everyone recognizes.

Harlem Hustlers “U Can Do It†D:Vision ITA 12 – Big vocal house production from Italy with uplifting disco-influenced synth orchestration, smooth rhythm lines and inspriaional male vocals. Includes a chunkier electro-tech rework on the flip for the floos that like a darker sound.

Kimara Lovelace “Misery 2005†King Street USA 12 – New remixes of this Kimara classice with Lil Louis and DJ Spen providing smooth, seductive garage interpretations that suit the vocal performance perfectly. Includes a dub version of the Spen mix on the flip.

Stephanie Mills “Free†Expansion ENG 12 – Louie Vega providing a seductive mid-tempo garage platform upon which Ms Mills’ stellar vocal is allowed to shine. Smooth, enchanting garage production perfect for the more intimate rooms.

John Morley “Brothers & Sisters†Tinted AUS 12 – Solid house release from Australia with an uplifting

inspirational female vocal supported by energetic rhythms and disco-infused synth orchestrations offset with trumpet flourishes. Remix on the flip smooths out the production into a darker, funkier style.

Tony Moran f/Deborah Cooper “Live You All Over†Tommy Boy USA 12 – Second of three Tommy Boy releases, this is the follow-up to “Waiting For Alegria†and is another massive circuit house monster with La Cooper giving a sassy vocal performace over Moran’s massive house orchestration. On the flip Offer Nissim gives the production a darker, slightly deeper touch but preserves the power of the track perfectly.

Moustache “Everywhere†Oxyd ITA 12 – Cabin Crew provide the remix on this cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic with a light female vocal interpreting the track nicely. A smooth house reinterpretation perfect for early night play or along the poolside.

Nuances f/L Hopkins “I Feel Love†D:Vision ITA 12 – Harlem Hustlers with the remix on this uplifting Italian house production with a powerful diva vocal supported by a slightly tech-tinged synth orchestration and driving rhythms.

Suzanne Palmer “Sound Of The Drum†69 USA 12 Part 2 and C5 – Second set of remixes on this massive bigroom vocal production from Rauhofer’s 69 imprint. On Part 2, Saeed Younan provides a slightly progressive rework of the cut while Southside goes for the classic dark tribal-tinged sound. Both work the vocal perfectly. CD-Maxi includes all mixes from Part 1 and Part 2 vinyl.

Rhythm Masters “Cocaine†Disfunktional FRA 12 – For fans of the dark, chunky tech sound this latest Rhythm Masters release has it in spades. Vocal hooks from an older drug-runner film about the powers of “disco dust†worked into a funky orchestration. Two mixes, both solid tech house monsters.

Marisa Turner “Secret†Spinnin BNX 12 – One of the standout tracks from Olav Basoski’s “Water Fire Rhythm Love†series is now spun off as its own single featuring Ms Turner’s massive vocal supported by Basoski’s funky tech-tinged disco-house orchestration. On the flip, Junior Jack puts his trademark chunky energetic orchestration into his interpretation.

Zaab & State Of Soul “When I Hold You†Tommy Boy USA 12 – Last of the Tommy Boy releases for this week sees the label move into a lighter vocal house style with a definite classic feel as a soulful male vocal is integrated into the production. For the more energetic floors, Chad Jack reworks the track into an uplifting production.

Trance & Progressive

Ernesto vs Bastian “Dark Side Of The Moon†High Contrast BNX 12 – Stunning vocal trance production from the Netherlands with waves of melodic synth cascading into dramatic breakdowns and a haunting female vocal worked into the production.

Flash Brothers “Mirage†Whoop ENG 12 – from the producers of 2004’s “Amen†comes this haunting new progressive production with a seductive guitar riff added into the floating synth orchestrations and deep, spacious swells. On the flip, Shmuel Flash reworks the track into a darker, chunkier affair.

4 Strings “Love Is Blind†White BNX 12 –Changing direction from their usual uplifting melodic style,4 Strings return with a chunky, tech-tinged monster featuring a hooky rockish male vocal over driving rhythm lines and aggressive synth orchestrations. Remix on the flip from DJ Misjah adds an extra layer of techiness to the production.

Mainbrain & Somville “Euphoria†Asgard GER 12 – Energetic, hands in the air Teutonic trancer with dramatic breakdowns and uplifting build of melodic synth with hooky spoken vocal samples worked into the production. Stunning release with three mixes.

Dario Nunez “Fluctuations†Distinto SPA 12 – Spanish progressive production with a slight tribal edge to the rhythms and a touch of melodic tranciness in the spacious synth orchestration. Haunting guitar flairs add to the drama of the production. Flipside is more of a standard Spanish tribal-progressive hybrid production.

Psychofuk “Psychofuk 2005†69 USA 12 – Mid-90s house track given an update for the new millennium by the 69 label as DJ Dozia reinterprets the track into a progressive-influenced tribal production that has become popular with Herr Rauhofer recently. Release also includes the original 1996 version.

Shafunkers “Girls & Boys†Fantastic House ENG 12 – Excellent vocal progressive cut with a seductive, sultry female vocal worked into the dark, pulsing synth swells and smooth, shuffly rhythms. Dark, sexy release.

System F “Reaching Your Soul†Tsunami BNX 12 – Ferry Corsten returns again with another massive Dutch instrumental trance monster with uplifiting waves of melodic synth, driving rhythm lines, and dramatic breakdowns.

Tiesto “Adagio For Strings†Media ITA 12 and Nebula ENG 12 Part 2 and C5– Barber’s Adagio For Strings being reinterpreted by the great Dutch master here with his trademark tech-tinged orchestrations perfectly capturing the uplifting, haunting quality of the original piece. The Italian 12†has the original and a massive remix by Fred Baker while the second UK 12†has mixes form Danjo & Styles and Phynn. The UK CD-Maxi has all mixes.

Armin van Buuren f/Susana “Shivers†Armind BNX 12 – Massive new vocal trance powerhouse production from the great Dutch master himself, with a gorgeous, passionate female vocal deftly supported by Armin’s intricate synth orchestrataions, capturing the full emotion of the vocal perfectly. Stunning new release with an instrumental productin on the flip.

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