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JP IN SOUTH NORWALK CT (sound factory heads)

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That's right people, JP will be at gasoline night club in south norwalk CT,

here is a chance to save your spot for the night....

be up close to JP, the club is set up in a way that the dj booth is just inches from the dance floor, not only that but the dancers are a site in it's self, wearing not much but hey you have all seeeeeeen or heard about the lovely s&m parties, and the ussual sound factory dancers, so I am sure you have some idea.....

door starts @ $50, but if you call Gasoline night club before friday you can reserve a vip express Ticket for only $35...

if you will be comming with ten or more you will only pay $30 per person, and be invited to start the party promply @ 8pm, this will grant you 2 hours of play time and makes it easy for you to reserve a spot closer to the one and only JP...

gasoline night club


every one else the party starts @10pm

only 45min from NY.

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