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For Sale, CD Player, Mixer and DJ Case

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The Gemini CDX-602 rack mountable dual CD Player

Dual jog wheels

Variable pitch control of +/-16 plus pitch bend

Reverse and forward stutter effects

Auto cueing, single cue and continuous functions

Instant starts

Digital and analogue outputs

Auto CD calibration feature

Only $200.00 +S.


The Gemini PMX-110

19†Stereo Preamp Mixer

4 Stereo Channels

State of the Art Cue Section

3 Phono / 7 Line Inputs

Master Balanced & Record Outputs

Master With Bass & Treble Controls Equalizer

2 Microphone Inputs With Talkover

Push Button Cueing With Cue/Program Slide Control

RAIL-GLIDE Removable Cross-Fader

MIC 1: 1.5mV 2kOhm Balanced

MIC 2: 1.5mV 2KOhm Balanced

Phono @ 1kHz: 2mV 47kOhm

Line: 100 mV 27kOhm

Amp/Booth: 0 dB 1V 400Ohm

Max: 20V Peak to Peak

Rec: 225mV 5kOhm

Bass: ± 12dB

Treble: ± 12dB

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz +/- 2dB

Distortion: Less Than 0.02%

S/N Ratio: Better Than 80dB

Talkover Attenuation: -16dB

Power Source: Adapter-115V/15V AC 0.5A or 230V/15V AC 0.5A

Unit Dimensions: W 19†x H 3†x D 7â€

$50.00 +S


Heavy duty corners and handles

Black heavy duty carpeting, mounting screws

22â€w x 19â€h x 20â€d (559 x 483 x 508)

Holds up to 10U in slanted position and up to 6U in bottom position

$60.00 +S.

If you like to buy everything I'll sell it for $300.00

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