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Avaland drama. wtf? (eli "q" inside)

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Had fun 2 Fridays ago then made the treck to Bean Town again this past Friday w/ my bro to hear him spin at Embassy again. Got to Embassy to find my brother NOT on the decks but on the mainfloor at Avalon dancing like a maniac. Turns out that management double booked the djs for that night and gave Kenny the option of Djing (which would have just pissed off the other dj) or just hang out and get paid. So he picked the lesser of 2 evils and hung out. Big disapointment for me and my girlfriends who were looking forward to hearing some rock but instead were reduced to listening to dj half ass play the worse hiphop on the planet.

Ahhh. Needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

Eli, does the club normally double book events, have djs bumped out of their slots, and / or operate with little or no stability on a regular basis?

I booked Kenny for years before he signed w/ his new management company and I wouldn't let shit like this fly. Frankly (who ever Frank is), I'm pissed that they treated him this way. Well, he did get paid and did get to dance instead of DJing. But thats not the point.

Nervous Records had him do a release event up there this past Friday and they sent up t-shirts and cds to be given away and they all had kenny's name on it. The stuff was handed out but the music didn't represent what Nervous or Kenny had in mind.

There is a certain amount of BS that take place at every booking, but to bump your headliner is CRAZY.

Venting time is over. I'm going to get trashed tonight at Caine :pint: wish me luck

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It's a bit suprising to me actually...then again, Avalon is big, muti-club venu, and like anyclub of it's size, there are issues and problems that arise, changes made, last minute decisions...etc. I personally have yet to see anyone be doublebooked there though, and not know until the night of a gig, which is obviously a pain to deal with, beleive me. Personally, I don't know about most of the behind the scenes things that happen there, especially at the other venues like Embassy, as my main focus there is to DJ at Avalon one or two Fridays a month and do some promoting for the night. As well, I don't know any of the circumstances of your brothers situation with the club, but I feel his frustration. Things like that can be avoided. Hope things work out for him there :)


04/28: Reversible Thursdays @ Vertigo

05/06: WERS - Boston 88.9 1:00 - 3:00 AM

05/07: RISE/Virgin Sessions @ Virgin Megastore, Boston w/ Alex Whalen 3-5 PM

05/07: Therapy - Providence, RI w/ Bons, Joe Mama & Ede Armand

05/13: Vunk @ Footwork - Toronto, ON Canada

05/19: Reversible Thursdays @ Vertigo

05/20: Avalon - Boston w/ Nic Fancuilli

05/21: Andalu - DC w/ Groovefire

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