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I have been dj'ing for about a year now, so far just at house parties, and I have been using a ghetto setup so far. However I just received some job offers from two bars to dj there and now I am looking into buying professional sound equipment. (Amp, Speakers) I do not know much about all the technical aspects and was hoping some of you can help me avoid buying crap. I live in North Jersey and have checked out alot of the music stores in the area (guitar center, sam ash, etc.) but compared to prices I see online they seem very expensive. I have provided links to some products I was looking at below and I was hoping someone could give me an opinion of the products or a review if they own it or have used it. If anyone knows of any stores in North Jersey or online that would be good for me to check that would be cool too. Again, I will be dj'ing in bars so I won't need too much power but Im not sure how much wattage my amp and speakers should be. Also I'm looking to spend somewhere between 500- 1000, the cheaper the better. Thanks for you help guys.








Sound FX:


My current mixer does not have sound effects and my cd players dont have bpm counters. I have read some negative reviews of this saying it is a toy but I would like to hear more opinions. I would like a bpm counter just for those quick mixes when sometimes u dont have enough time to beatmatch for the transition. I also would like something that you can scratch with and this product says it has real time scratching and I wanted to see how well these feature work. Thanks again for the time.

Peace Out

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u need to bring your own equip into the bar/lounge??

that sucks.....

words of advice IMO....

1. do not buy speakers and amps off ebay....even though its more expensive....get them from somewhere that will give u a warranty......because these things DO break.....amps overheat......ect. ect....

2. if you want to cut down on what you have to lug around....i would suggest powered speakers ( JBL Eon series is REALLLY good, i have these, they thump). two 15 inch JBL eons on stands should do the trick PERFECTLY i think.....and u dont have to worry bout the amp heating up too much or having to configure it correctly because the speaker is already powered thru an amp on the inside of the cabinet....

in regards to the BPM counter....cant really suggest anything as i've never bought one. havent found the need for it if you practice your beat matching and have it come as second nature to you. If you know your tracks and study them, you will know what goes into what and what doesnt...

sound effects arent a neccesity IMO, but they can be cool at times....the pioneer efx box is over rated IMO......and that one you picked ive heard bad things about. The outputs and imputs go bad after a while from lugging it around with you to different gigs. i would get a korg kaoss pad, its what i have and its reasonably priced for what it can do (can sample, has over 60 sumthing effects, BPM effects ect. ect.)

hope this helps :)

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oh and if you want real time scratching and dont want to spend 600 to 1000 on each CD deck like the pioneers, denons or technics, i think american audio makes a dual CD deck that can scratch. Stanton also has Cd decks out right now that scratch. but check out the Pioneer CDJ 200....they just came out, they are reasonably priced, have a looping function, scratching, play MP3s, and a slew of other shit.

check www.topdjgear.com they are here in the city, i get all my shit from them, they are fantastic :)

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I will agree those JBL speakers are awsome...

If you want an amp I highly recomend Crown amps...there $$ but worth every penny

I will disagree on the FX, the Pioneer is great and i think easy to use, not to mention every club/bar i have been to 9 times out of 10 has it. It is a lil pricy but worth it. Also check out the Numark they have a cd player that scratches as well as cool functions.

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I agree on the warranty bit. You should definetly look into just spending a little extra cash from an actual retailer. I'm sure if you haggle, you can get a good deal at Guitar Center too.

For speakers, I would go with JBL all the way, powered on nonpowered. I have never had a bad experience with them.

Amps = Crown

Thats usually the rule :)

For a CD player, I would recomend the table top Pioneers. Whether you get the 800s or the new 200, either of them will help you get used to plain mixing or scratch mixing.

This is just my opinion on what I would do for a setup. It might get a little costly, but you will not regret it in the end.

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