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Slim Fast

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I got bored last night and started reading one of my boyfriend's old Men's Health magazines from a few months ago, and in the dieting section they said that the most successful weight loss system is Slim-Fast...ppl who were on the Slim Fast diet consumed the lowest number of calories and got the highest number of vitamins, and they were able to keep the weight off in the long-term...even though i think those canned shakes taste like shiiiiiiit, i think i might try this to lose an extra five pounds...has anyone else used slim fast before? has it worked?

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I used slim fast for a while (i still use it)..here are my thoughts on it...

- the canned stuff does taste like complete shit. Buy the powder (i used choclate delight, or something like that) and mixed it with water. I tried the strawberry stuff but dont like it, they have mocha\chocolate flavor to if you like that stuff. I made 16oz and drank 8oz on the way to work in the AM and the other 8oz either with lunch or a snack during the day. It worked well for me as a meal replacement so I didnt drink soda or eat snickers\donughts. The stuff is filling and satisfied my craving for chocolate.

some of the "meal replacement" bars are actually awesome...most of em (to me) tasted like crap. I forget the name of the one type but it taste better then a candybar (IMO). As far as the vitimins i didnt really care about that since i take other supplements twice daily (multi,glucosmine, fish oil and vitc)

I think it works well because you start off with replacing 2 meals a day with the slimfast and work down to once a day. If you use it in place of snacking on crap like candy, soda, bad popcorn, etc you will no doubt consume less calories. combine this with exercise and you should lose weight...

just dont think you can replace solid food with slimfast because you cant and you'll do more damage then good in the long run doing this. i had a friend try this and he ended up in the ER.

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