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New & Notable Releases for 23-29 May 2005

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The following titles have been received at American wholesalers over the past week and should be available at your favorite specialist retailer this week.

Soundsamples for most of the following tracks may be found at our website www.rezrec.com

Bootlegs & Acapellas

David Bowie “Let’s Dance 2005†White ENG 12 – MASTERSTROKE008, hooks from the vocal and chorus and the famous synth lines worked into a chunky funky house production. Flipside is a similar-styled reworking of Whispers “The Beat Goes On†which is very funky.

Ray Charles “Without You†White ENG 12 – TT1A, Ray Charles’ vocal over a string-laden mid-tempo house production by Todd Terry.

Chicago “Street Player 2005†White ENG 12 – GROOVEREEDIT001, old Chicago track that was sampled by the Buckheads in their classic “These Sounds†is given a smooth, seductive classic house mix with full vocal. Flipside is a similar-style rework of Kool & The Gang.

De La Soul “Me Myself & I 2005†White USA 12 – WHO006, remix by Bambi in a funky house style with the full original vocal. Includes both full vocal and dub. Flipside has similar-styled reworking of Beatnut “Watch Us Now†in both full vocal and dub.

Michael Jackson vs Nirvana “Smells Lilke Billie Jean†White ENG 12 – instrumental line from Nirvana with Michael Jackson vocal over it. Two mixes, both use the full vocal. SMBJ1

Lil Kim “Crush On You†Tango USA 12 – funky house reworking of this hiphop track with the full original vocal. Flipside is a rework of Gusto’s “Disco Revengeâ€. TB08.

Saga “Starflyer 2005†White ITA 12 – FUNKYPUNK001, Seductive discohouse reworking of this old 70s track with hooks of the original vocal worked into the chunky funky production.

Seal “Killer 2005†White ENG 12 – 37ST, hooks of Seal’s vocal over a pumpy uptempo house instrumental (might be an old Adamski track). Flipside is Daddy’s Favorite “I’ll Do Good Things For You 2005†in a reworked funky disco style very respectful of the original.

Tanita Tikaram “Twist In My Sobriety 2005†White GER 12 – WL028, funky house reworking of this mid-90s track with those mysterious vocals worked nicely into the production. One full vocal mix, a dub and instrumental.


Africanism “Summer Moon†Tommy Boy USA 12 Part 1 – First of the two-part US edition of this massive tribal-tinged monster released a couple weeks back on Yellow France. Hooky male ragga vocal supported by two solid mixes, with Bob Sinclar giving his trademark disco-tinged house production on one side and David Guetta going for the darker, techier tribal sound on the flip.

Alma Matris “Circuito†Blanco y Negro SPA 12 – Driving new Spanish mixes on the latest tribal production from Alma Matris, with hooky spoken Spanish-language female hooks over energetic rhyhtms as Ralphi Rosario provide the masive remix.

Bionik Phunk “In My Head†Prog City ENG 12 – Playmaker on the mix for this seductive mid-tempo vocal house number with smooth female vocals over shuffly disco-tinged orchestrations and solid rhythm lines. Includes a spacy breaks mix on the flip.

C&C Music Factory “Gonna Make You Sweat 2005†Megabop ENG 12 – DJ Bomba on the mix here with a funky house reworking for this legit commercial edition of the clubland staple from 1990. Dark, chunky rhyhtm lines blend with the rap and female vocal nicely. Flipsdie features a dub by Pedro and a more energetic mix from Daniel & Jonesey.

Gianni Coletti “Fire†Airplane ITA 12 – Massive diva vocal house monster from Italy with huge hands-in-the-air vocals, driving rhythm lines and aggressive bigroom house synth orchestrations. Includes full vocal and dub and a solid mix from T&F Moltosugo.

John Dahlback “Better Without You†Clubstar GER 12 – Going for a more seductive garage vocal sound with this release, John Dalhback producing a seductive number with a smooth female vocal, lush house synth orchestrations and shuffly rhyhtm lines. Remixes by HANZ and Playmakers offer variations on the original theme.

Corvin Dalek “Young People†Flesh GER 12 – Dark, driving tech house banger with a naughty spoken vocal about the vices of today's youth over energetic rhyhtm lines and aggressive acid-tinged synth orchestrations. A chunkier reworking from Klang on the flip.

Divided “Easy Lover†Kontor GER 12 – Solid cover version of the Phil Collins and Philip Bailey hit in the Prydz style with hooks of the famous vocal in a driving produciton. Commerical edition also features a solid electrotech house reworking from the Vinylshakers that works the samples perfectly.

54 Tunes “Enjoy The Silence†Tweek’d USA 12 – Massive dark, driving house produciton originally from Spain with big diva vocal getting a US release. The Angel Moraes mix, on the original Spanish edition, has dark driving rhythms that work perfectly off the energy of the vocal. For the USA edition a new dark, chuggy mix from Peter Bailey is also provided.

Gadjo “So Many Times†Manifesto ENG 12 and C5 – UK edition of this massive vocal house number with new UK-only mixes from Stonebridge and DJ Flex added for good measure. Stonebridge makes another trademark disco-tinged vocal masterpiece, while DJ Flex goes for the tougher, techier French house sound.

Manny Lehman “Action Anthem†Tommy Boy USA 12 - Tommy Boy gearing up for the Pride season now with this dark driving tribal tech monster with hooky male vocals intergrated into the deep, bouncy rhyhtms and catchy synth lines. Remix from Peter Presta on the flip.

Moby “Raining Again†Mute ENG 12 and C5 – Latest single from Moby features an uplifiting vocal performance worked into a variety of mixes from Steve Angello's guitar-laden driving tech house rework to more classic deeper house reworkings from Ewan Pearson and a chunky breaks rework from Evil 9.

M1 f/Flipside “Freak The Frequency†Electrade FRA 12 – Hard-hitting French electro-tech production with a hooky male spoken vocal integrated into the chunky acidic synth lines. Remix on the flip from Antoine Clamaran who thickens the synth orchestrations and energizes the rhythm lines in his trademark style.

George Morel “I Can’t Take It†Groove On USA 12 – Garage vocal house gem with a massive diva vocal that is the real star of the production, ably supported by a smooth, seductive house synth orchestration and steady rhythms. Inculdes a funkier "Groove Mix" on the flip.

Riot Act “California Soul†Nebula ENG 12 and C5 – Wagon Casino classic getting the revival here on the latest release from Nebula. Perfect summertime house production with sunny disco-tinged house synth orchestrations, bouncy female vocals and solid rhythm lines. Includes a solid remix by JJ Stockholm on the flip.

Manny Romero “Compadre†White BNX 12 – Massive bigroom tech house monster with tons of energy, hooky synth stabs and massive rhythm lines. On the flip Sander van Doorn darkens the feel for the ultimate tech house production.

Stonebridge f/Ultra Nate “Hed Kandi ENG 12 Part 2 – Second set of mixes on this massive new single from Stonebridge includes the solid vocal house mix from Live Element on the CD-Maxi as well as an exclusive.

Tears For Fears “Call Me Mellow†Gut ENG 2x12 Promo – Follow-up to the massive "Closest Thing To Heaven" is another seductive pop production with mixes from Mauve in a smooth summery pophouse style and a chunkier techier rework from veteran producers Tin Tin Out. Dubs of both mixes included in this limited promotional pressing.

Trance & Progressive

AR52 “Pilska†Joof ENG 12 – John 00 Fleming's imprint with a stunning new UK instrumenat trance monster with waves of melodic synth, driving rhyhtm lines and climactic builds and breakdowns. Includes a solid remix by Arksun on the flip.

BPT Bronoxide f/DM Binxter “Moody 2005†Tweek’d USA 12 and CDEP – Dark driving new mixes from Creamer & K and Saeed Younan on this hooky proressive cut with a seductive, spacy male vocal integrated into the deep, seductive mixes. CD features all the mixes from the original release and the new mixes on this vinyl.

DJ Shog “Running Water†Logport GER 12 – Bright bouncy summertime trancer with an gorgeous female vocal over waves of energetic melodies and driving rhyhtms. Includes full vocal, less vocal and instrumental versions.

Lisa Pin Up “Machine Gun Madness†Nukleuz ENG 12 – Two selections from the upcoming Hard House Anthems 6 compliation with Ms Pin Up laying down the thunder with two driving UK Hard Dance productions with cheeky vocal samples, aggressive synth lines and lots of attitude.

Luminary “My World†Lost Language ENG 12 Part 1 and Part 2 – Haunting, seductive progressive-trance hybrid with a seductive female vocal the star of the show. Disc one features the gorgeously deep Original as well as a seductive deep melodic trancer from Nicola Gala mix. Disc two features solid trance reworkings from Andy Moor and Arksun.

Mardel “Situation†SAW USA 12 – Solid new single from Satoshi Tomiie's imprint that rides the line between progressive and a more circuit feel with a solid female vocal over the deep, dark and quite funky synth orchestrations. Includes full vocal and dub versions.

Modena “Resonator†Dedicated BNX 12 – Bigroom Dutch instrumental trance production at its best on the latest release from Dedicated, with Cor Fijneman providing a stellar remix full of beauty and power.

Ruff Stuff “Warning†Dropout GER 12 – Powerful Teutonic trancer with hooky vocal samples worked into blinding synth and rhyhtm orchestrations that will keep the floor truly energized.

Marco V “More Than A Life Away†In Charge BNX 12 – Massive tech trance monster from one of the masters of the Dutch school of produciton. Driving rhythm lines and aggressive waves of slightly acidic synth, balanced with an electified male vocal in an Underworld style. Two mixes, both massive.

York “Ice Flowers†Offshore GER 12 – Stunning melodic trancer from this longtime German producer, with stunning intricate melodic orchestrations, dramatic breakdowns, haunting female vocal samples and energetic rhyhtms. Includes massive remixes from Aly & Fila and Mind One.

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