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New & Notable Releases for 30 May-5 June 2005

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The following titles have been received at American wholesalers over the past week and should be available at your favorite specialist retailer this week.

Soundsamples for most of the following tracks may be found at our website www.rezrec.com

Bootlegs & Acapellas

Coldplay “Speed Of Sound†White ENG 12 Bootleg – Solid tech-tinged bigroom house reworking of the latest single from Coldplay with one side featuring the full vocal, the other side a dub, catalog number is COLD05.

Missy Elliot “4 My People 2005†White ENG 12 – DERIG9, latest in the DeRigeur series taking vocal and instrumental samples from the original and working them into a funky house production. Also includes similar-styled remixes of Justin Timberlake “Like I Love Youâ€, NERD “She Wants To Move†and Daft Punk “Phoenixâ€.

Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody 2005†White GER 12 - Circulating as 013WG99, hooks from the chorus and the instrumental line of La Whitney's classic worked in two different styles, one a dark tribal drum production, the other in a bit more Eric Prydz style. Not too many around and likely not going to be around by the weekend. From the same producers as the recent Samantha Fox "Touch Me" and New Order "Blue Monday" bootlegs.

Michael Gray vs Destiny’s Child “Lose My Weekend†White ENG 12 – WEEK01, mashup that takes the Michael Gray instrumental and works elements of the vocal from Destiny’s Child into the production. B-side features similar style mashups using vocals from Black Box “Ride On Time†and CeCe Peniston “Finally†into the Michael Gray track.

The Kinks “You Really Got Me 2005†White ENG 12 – SLY004, breakbeat reworking of this old rock anthem with samples from the guitar lines and a few vocal hooks worked into the action.

The Knack “My Sharona 2005†White USA 12 – rework by Sean Finn in a driving bigroom tech house style with hooks of the original vocal and instrumentation worked in. Includes a fuller vocal and dubbier version. Catalog Number : FIX024.

Kylie Minogue “Confide In Me 2005†White ENG 12 – circulates as 12CON1, Optimo with a funky electrohouse reworking with samples of the vocal worked into the production.

Tito Puente “Oye Como Va 2005†White GER 12 – breakbeat reworking of this classic Latin track with the full original vocal and instrumental worked into the production. Catalog number is MILL2000.

Soul Avengerz “Love Dancin EP†White ENG 12 – SODA001, samples old disco-era tracks blended together in catchy house productions as only the Soul Avengerz can do.

Donna Summer “This Time I Know Its For Real 2005†White GER 12 – The Red Kult mix, KULT3, with hooks of the original vocal worked into the driving house production. Includes a funky darker instrumental track on the flip. This is a different bootleg from the one released a few weeks ago. (Time for the battle of the Donnas??)

Technotronic “Pump Up The Jam 2005†White ENG 12 Part 2 – another revival of this 1990 classic as Moov DJ wokrs hooks of the vocal and original instrumentation into a dark driving tribal-progressive beat. On the flip is “Brain Trouble†which samples the rap from “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.â€.




Jean-Claude Ades “Some Day†Swings GER 12 – In its original form a funky diva vocal worked into a chunky tribal tinged house orchestration. Remixes from JCA in a techier German electrohouse style and a more soulfum mix from Jerome Ismaae 10.99

The Biz “Stop Go†DVision ITA 12 – Benny Benassi alter ego here with more of his trademark hipowered electrotech house with chunky rhythm lines, hooky computerized vocal samples and catchy acidic synth lines.

Busface f/Sophie Ellis-Bextor “Circles†dubmental GER 12 – Catchy pop-tinged tech house produciton with a male vocal paired with vocals from Sophie Ellis-Bextor that give the track a nice summertime feel. Remixes by Spandex and EMP give different interpretations to the basic techiness of the original.

Brad Carter “Love With Me†11C ENG 12 – Two mixes of disco-influenced tech house with mesmerizing synth orchestrations, chunky rhyhtm lines and catchy 80s-influenced vocal hooks worked into the production.

Celeda “The Underground 2005†Vendetta SPA 12 Part 2 – Jesse Garcia providing a new platform for Celeda's powerful vocal, giving it a tough Spanish tech-tribal basis to strut itself on. Dark and chunky. Flipside Addictive mix is a bit more in the traditional Spanish tribal style.

Chocolate Puma “4 Letter Word†Effin USA 12 – Scumfrog with a massive tech-tribal bigroom mix with a seductive fenale vocal to work the crowd into a frenzy. Massive production with a remix by Cedrick Gervais on the flip with a catchy electrohouse feel to the production.

Disco Darlings “Light Up My Love†White ENG 2x12 – Stunning classic discohouse production with a warm, sunny female vocal, shuffly rhyhtms and a blend of synth and live instrumentation. Includes two differnet dubs, one in a chunkier funkier style while the other is more disco-infused.

DJ Spen “Gabryelle†Defected ENG 12 Part 1, Part 2 and C5 – Latest single from the mighty Defected camp in its original form is a smooth, string-laden instrumental house production with a definite retro feel. Disc one also features a tougher remix from Olav Basoski while disc two features smooth mixes from Karizma and Spiritual South. CD-Maxi has all.

JNK “Set U Free†671 Music ITA 12 – Aggressive bigroom house with a driving diva vocal supported by energetic house synth orchestrations (with a slight techiness to them) and solid rhyhtm lines. Release includes full vocal and dub versions.

LDM vs Little Nancy “People Everywhere†Test Press ITA 12 – samples from Abba's "Voulez Vous" are covered in this hooky Italian house production with driving rhythms and energetic, tech-tinged synthwork.

Made & Sax f/Michelle Weeks “I’m Coming†909 Music ITA 12 – La Weeks doing what she does best in this latest Italian houser with a classic synth orchestration and driving rhythms. Two remixes included that provide solid alternative reworkings to the original.

Mary Mary "Heaven" Columbia USA 12 - Seductive mid-tempo house mixes from Maurice Joshua and Joe Smooth, both featuring the full original vocals in a funky reworking. Also includes the orginal urban mix.

Milky "Be My World" Robbins USA 12 and C5 - followup to the massive "Just The Way You Are" in its original form a sunny Italian vocal house mix perfect for poolside play, on the flip JJ Flores thickens the production and gives it a techier touch, with a dub version of the Flores mix also provided.

Angel Moraes “Tribal Function†Fuego USA 12 Part 2 – New remixes by Peter Bailey and That Kid Chris on this powerful production with its powerful female vocal over driving rhythm lines and dark, punchy synth orchestrations. Perfect for the bigrooms that like the *69 sound.

Muttonheads “I’ll Be There†Serial FRA 12 – Gorgeous summery houser with dreamy female vocals, flowing house synth lines and shuffly rhythm lines. Remixes from the Young Punx and Raul Rincon toughen and darken the production for the floors that like heavier sound.

Prezioso f/Marvin “Rockin DJs†Propaganda ITA 12 Part 1 and Part 2– samples of Kiss' classic “I Was Made For Lovin You†are covered in this driving Vinylshakerz-influenced production from Italy. Solid vocal perforomance is supported by energetic techhouse production in the various remixes on both parts of the release. No big-name mixers, but a solid release on its own accord.

Rawsoul Orchestra f/Sybille “Been Robbed†Player ENG 12 – Smooth seductive garage number with a powerful female vocal supported by shuffly rhythm lines and a restained blend of live and synth orchestration. Remix come from Disciple Of Sound who thickens the production on the track nicely for a larger room.

Reina "Forgive" Robbins USA 12 and C5 - latest single from the popular vocalist featuring mixes from Giuseppe D, Valentin and Dezrok all with a summery feel. CD-Maxi includes edits as well as full versions featured on the 12".

Rhythm & Kane “Fame†Shake It USA 12 – cover of the 80s classic here with a solid female vocal performance over energetic house orchestrations for the bigger rooms, with a darker, techier dub version on the flip that works a treat.

Santos “Shakadelic Drums 2†Royal Drums FRA 12 – leaving the breaks behind for a bit, Santos goes back to the drums on this massive tribal release with driving rhythm lines, hooky chants and dark, powerful synth swells and hooks. Two tracks, both powerful drum dynamos.

Aaron Smith “Dancing†Sound Division ITA 12 – New Italian mixes on this hooky house number with a catchy female vocal originally released last year in the USA. This edition features mixes from JJ Flores, Fuzzy Hair and Raul Rincon and mix from chunky full vocal house to a sound techier and dubbier in feel.

Smokin Jo “State Of Mind 2005†Distraekt ENG 12 – Robbie Rivera providing his trademark aggressive tech synth lines on this new rework of Smokin Jo. Driving rhyhtm lines, sharp synths and catchy spoken male vocals blended nicely. Remix from D-Formation on the flip.

3rd Boulevard “Drive†Zen GER 12 – The Cars' classic track is covered in this solid house production with the house mixes by Regi and Degg providing, alternatively, a summery house interpretation and a darker, Benassi-influence interpretation.

Utada "Exodus 04" Island USA 2x12 - remixes by JJ Flores, Kviya and Peter Bailey that range from funky summery vocal house to chunky dark and techy dubs. Utada's vocal is very seductive and mellow, perfect for summertime.

Volta “Half A World†Motivo ITA 12 – Breezy summertime pop-house production with a seductive female vocal, light flowing synth melodies and a shuffly rhythm line that make this perfect for poolside play. Remix from Akul adds a light breakbeat, while Innervision gives the track a trancier feel.

Tommy Vee “Anthouse†Airplane ITA 12 – Another smooth summertime house production with T&F Moltosugo crafting a guitar-laden orchestration that works nicely with the smooth male vocal. Remixes also from Luca Cassani and AT Mendoza in a more tech-influenced direction.

Trance & Progressive

Andrea Britton “Am I On Your Mind 2005†Release USA 12 – Haunting new US-only progressive mixes from Steve Porter and Nick Holder on this track originally released in the UK in 2003 as an anthemic trancer. Both mixes take samples of Ms Britton's haunting vocal and weave them into the dark, spacious orchestrations beautifully.

Collins Avenue “Sussudio†Digidance BNX 12 Part 1 and Part 2 – Energetic trance cover of Phil Collins late-80s hit, with vocal samples from the chours and the worked into a driving energetic melodic orchestration. Disc one features the original vocal and instrumental, disc two features a techier 80s mix and a club dub.

Disciples Of Sound & Kid Lopez “The Look†Wallop ENG 12 – Haunting progressive production with a seductive male vocal over ethereal synth orchestrations and shuffly rhythm lines. Remix from King Of Cool thickens the sound and adds a guitar-inspired synthline to the production to provide extra punch.

Divine Inspiration “Someday†Heat ENG 12 – New single from the producers of 2002's massive "The Way" is another solid vocal trancer with energertic rhythms, uplifting melodies and a beautiful female vocal. Remix on the flip from Kontakt similar in style but with a tougher rhyhtm line.

Inertia “The Chamber†Discover ENG 12 – Gorgeous UK anthemic instrumental production with mesmerizing orchestrations and solid rhyhtm lines. Remix by Chris Hampshire on the flip adds a darker techy feel to the production.

MDA & Spherical “Devotion†Kompression ENG 12 – Aggressive UK Hard Trance production with driving rhythm lines, waves of energetic melodic synth and a haunting female vocal worked into the production. Remix by Nick Rowland on the flip.

Nynex f/Trent Cantrelle “Runaway†SR2 ENG 12 – Seductive guitar-influenced progressive cut with a haunting male vocal, spacious synth swells and funky rhyhtm lines. Remix on the flip by Paul Harris darkens the production, giving it a sexy feel to the orchestration.

Tess "The Second You Sleep" Robbins USA 12 and C5 - US edition of this track currently promoed on Data a few weeks back, summery trancepop with a blue-eyed female vocal and mixes by Silveroom and Antillas. Uplifting melodic production with a singalong vocal.

3rd Boulevard “Drive†Zen GER 12 – Cover of The Cars includes two massive trance reworks from G&M Project and Vince The Saint that transform the track into a bigroom anthem, with the famous vocals integrated into hand-raising orchestrations.

Three Drives “Greece 2005†Massive Drive BNX 12 – Yet more 2005 interpretations of theis trance classic as Marcel Woods DJ Maron each provide stunning new anthemic melodic reinterpretations, with the Maron mix adding a vocal hook to the production to boot. Release also includes DJ Chus' darker progressive interpretation originally released in Spain in 2004 and long since out of print.

White Water “The Unknown†Involved ENG 12 – Goregous vocal trance monster from Britian with a stuning female vocal integrated into intricately orchestrated melodic constructions full of dramatic breakdowns and uplifting builds. Includes a full vocal and a dubbier club mix.

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