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Dee Phunk

Sasha @ Emerald City, Thurs June 2

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Witness the event's transformation of Emerald City. Atmospheric changes from music, decor, vibe and nostalgia are just a few of the things you will experience this very special evening as Philly electronic dance music gistory is made and its future moves forward. This is an event NOT to be missed!

As for Sasha...there are DJs who turn up, play records and make people dance. And there are producers who make the dancefloor-igniting records those DJs will kill for. There are very few people in dance music who can do both and Sasha is the leader of the pack. Ever since he rode in on a tidal wave of adoration from the North of England's explosive early '90s club scene, that magic touch has made Alexander Coe the most famous, most revered DJ on the planet. Come and experience Sasha!

Also featuring Sasha's tour opener, Paolo Mojo. His sound might be difficult to pin down, but this broad, innovative approach to his craft is making him a name on everyone's lips. His style incorporates elements of house, funk, techno, breaks, electro, disco and acid.

And... Philly's own Charles and Kling. Phillip Charles and Matt Kling are no strangers to this turf. This night they will play as they produce. With getting recognition as a duo Charles and Kling are hitting record stores and the record bags of some of the best in house music. Be aware as their DJ sets reflect originality while the sound of their music defines true persuation.

In the Lounge...Dr. Octopussy and Tacopimp entertain you with a different flavor -- '80s electro/synth/pop/rock.


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