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Top 10 most harmful books in last 200 years

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According to conservatives the top 10 most harmful books are:

1. The Communist Manifesto

2. Mein Kampf

3. Quotations from Chairman Mao

4. The Kinsey Report

5. Democracy and Education

6. Das Kapital

7. The Feminine Mystique

8. The Course of Positive Philosophy

9. Beyond Good and Evil

10. General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money


The Judges

These 15 scholars and public policy leaders served as judges in selecting the Ten Most Harmful Books.

Arnold Beichman

Research Fellow

Hoover Institution

Prof. Brad Birzer

Hillsdale College

Harry Crocker

Vice President & Executive Editor

Regnery Publishing, Inc.

Prof. Marshall DeRosa

Florida Atlantic University

Dr. Don Devine

Second Vice Chairman

American Conservative Union

Prof. Robert George

Princeton University

Prof. Paul Gottfried

Elizabethtown College

Prof. William Anthony Hay

Mississippi State University

Herb London


Hudson Institute

Prof. Mark Malvasi

Randolph-Macon College

Douglas Minson

Associate Rector

The Witherspoon Fellowships

Prof. Mark Molesky

Seton Hall University

Prof. Stephen Presser

Northwestern University

Phyllis Schlafly


Eagle Forum

Fred Smith


Competitive Enterprise Institute

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