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Zabiela ~ Renaissance Presents: Alive, Vol. 2 - Utilities

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Disc: 1

1. James Zabiela & Nick Boulton “Quantum Realities†(Intro)

2. Decomposed Subsonics “Atlantic Viewâ€

3. The Consumer “Your Soul For Accessâ€

4. Wyatt Earp & Little Mike “Android†(Original Mix)

5. Aphex Twin “Windowlickerâ€

6. Solid Groove “This Is Sickâ€

7. James Zabiela “EyeAmComputerâ€

8. Soundex “On/Offâ€

9. Lee Coombs “Outta My Mind†(Breaks Mix)

10. Lee Coombs “Outta My Mind†(House Mix)

Disc: 2

1. Hisham Samawi & Dennis Rodgers “Through Youâ€

2. Martin C “The Escapeâ€

3. Trentemøller “Rykketidâ€

4. Walter Ercolino “One Flew Over the Cocoo’s Nestâ€

5. Montero “Captain Hook†Mix 2

6. Rob Mooney “Feelin’ Electroâ€

7. Buick Project “At The Raveâ€

8. Gerome Sportelli “Growthâ€

9. Hugg & Pepp “Pellefantâ€

10. PMT “Gyromancer†(Elite Force Mix)

James Zabiela once again joins forces with Renaissance for the follow-up to 2004’s acclaimed ‘ALiVE’ mix album. On ‘Utilities,’ James puts forth his strongest effort yet with this innovative mix that explores new techniques in DJ mixing. The two discs in the set are labeled as ‘Computed’ and ‘Recorded,’ and, as the names suggest, one uses the much publicized Ableton technology and was recorded entirely on computer, whilst the other makes a welcome return to last years format of three CDJs, samplers and an EFX unit.

But beyond the mixing techniques, James distinct musical style remains at the heart of the album. The album showcases James’ growing ability to bridge the experimental and club worlds, and it embodies a sound that presents a dancefloor take on techy, electro flavored progressive house, with just enough breaks to keep the funk oozing in. ‘Utilities’ is also a platform to showcase James’ very first foray into the world of original production. The result is two incredible cuts – ‘Robophobia’ and ‘EyeAMComputer’, which are currently causing mayhem on dancefloors round the world. Beyond his own productions James draws on a host of current talent, including the previously unavailable Kriece remix of Aphex Twin’s seminal ‘Windowlicker’ and tracks and remixes from Infusion, Buick Project, Trentemoller, Lee Coombs, Montero and many more.

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not diging eyeamcomputer........song kind of bobs....took it a litle overboard with the whole computer gimick....was gunna buy it on beatport but passed

been rocking Trentemoller - Rykketid for a few months. def. one of my fave. tracks lately as well as that new buick project track "at the rave" CD 2 is looking better than one but i'll probly buy this as well

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hahahha werd? crowd dig it?

Dude she killed it, lots of proggy bombs.... some breaks too. Im too braindead right now to give you a TL... maybe l8er. Lots of tracks that all the collective dj's like diggers/sasha/luke fair are/were playing.

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